Driving to your holiday destination

Made easy by the Vogel's car mount

Picture yourself on a sunny beach, enjoying the good company of your family. First, however, you have to get to your holiday destination by car. The drive needs to be as smooth and quick as possible. New roaming regulations, in combination with the Vogel’s car mount, make this possible.

You want to reach your holiday destination on time and without any delays.  Using Google maps on your mobile device makes finding your way simple.  

Roaming made easy

Free roaming in Europe Free roaming in Europe

Since 15 June 2017, roaming abroad is possible without having to pay extra charges. It is also easier, therefore, to use your mobile phone or 3G tablet to access Google maps or any other navigation app to find the shortest route.

Any mobile device

Secure your mobile phone safely to your car's windscreen or dashboard, enabling you to follow the route description. Vogel’s TMS 1050 fits any size of tablet, from 7- 11 inches, and makes sure it sticks securely to either the dashboard or windscreen. 

Secure phone in car