Free HDMI switcher worth 79.99 with any purchase from 150 euros!

Our Black Friday deal

  • If you purchase a product starting at € 150 you will receive a
    free SAVA 1026 HDMI switcher worth € 79,99
  • Only if you order on the Vogel's Webshop
  • Only if you order between 22 November and 4 December 2019
  • While stocks last!

The benefit of having a SAVA 1026 HDMI switcher

  • Bundles 4 HDMI connectors to 1 connector
  • Automatically switches between connected devices
  • Suitable for the latest Ultra HD 4K60 resolution
  • Puts the devices you don't use in standby
  • Includes 4K HDMI cable of 3 meters

*You can find the promotion conditions here