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The best height to mount a TV

If you want to mount your TV on the wall, it’s important to do so at the right height. If a television is mounted too high or too low, your neck or shoulders may start to hurt.


What’s the ideal height to mount my TV on the living room wall?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question regarding the ideal height. A lot depends on your personal preferences. Generally, we’d say that that 2/3 of the TV screen should be above eye level when you’re sitting down. That means 1/3 of the TV screen should be below eye level:

heigth mounting a TV


And what’s the best height if I want to mount my TV above a fireplace or in the bedroom?

To avoid neck or shoulder pain with a TV that’s mounted high on the wall, you can use a TV wall bracket with tilt functionality. When you use the wall bracket to tilt the TV downwards a little, you create a better viewing angle and reduce potential neck or shoulder pain.


Is there anything else I need to pay attention to when mounting my TV?

Besides thinking about the ideal mounting height, we would like to give you some extra tips to keep in mind when mounting your TV.

It’s important to pay attention to incident light. Make sure that the sun doesn’t shine directly onto your screen when you’re watching TV. If the sunlight reflects on your TV screen, you won’t be able to see what’s on. One solution is to mount your TV with a TV wall bracket that has a pivot. If the sun shines on your TV, you can turn it so the reflections no longer bother you.

Before you start mounting your TV, it’s important to choose the place you want to mount it and calculate the lengths of cable you’ll need: electrical cable, HDMI cables, and any other cables. If you make sure you’re prepared, you won’t have to stop halfway through the mounting process to go buy extra cables.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you have all installation materials at hand. Tools, screws, wall plugs, and so on. Vogel’s TV wall brackets include all installation materials, screws and plugs, but that is not the case for all brands of TV wall brackets.

Televisions are becoming bigger and bigger. That also means they’re becoming more difficult to manoeuvre. When mounting a TV, we advise to another person nearby to help lift it, one on each side to prevent the TV from falling and being damaged. 

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