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Go Wall to Wall White

If you love the clean, modern look of white, you can now complement your flat screen TV with the Vogel’s THIN 245/THIN 345 Alpine White wall mounts. The THIN 345 white TV wall bracket is the latest version of one of our most popular, award-winning wall mounts. This special edition is designed for flat screen TVs in white or neutral colours and its high quality gloss finish comes in white and silver/champagne.

White is Always in Style

While most flat screen televisions come in black or silver and are well suited to black TV wall mounts, there is an increasing shift towards neutral coloured TVs to suit modern white interiors. 


White is the most commonly used colour in interior design, creating a peaceful and elegant ambience and forming a stunning contrast with bright accents. We know that TV wall mounts aren’t simply appliances, but also need to be harmonious with your existing décor; which is why we’ve created the THIN 245/THIN 345 Alpine White wall mounts. 

Vogel's THIN 345 Alpine White TV Wall Brackets


The THIN 345 Alpine White TV wall bracket makes use of a special shade of white that complements different colour palettes. This wall mount has been designed for flat screen televisions with a neutral coloured casing and allows you to enjoy the benefits of an adjustable mounting solution. 

Expand Your Viewing Experience 


The THIN 245/THIN 345 Alpine White wall mounts make your viewing experience more enjoyable and convenient, allowing you to adjust your television to suit your own comfort. Turn your screen left or right for convenient viewing from any spot in the room, or tilt it forward to play a game or watch a show before going to sleep. It’s the perfect accompaniment for your LCD, Plasma or LED TV, in the living room, bedroom or home cinema. The Alpine White wall mount offers the following capabilities and advantages:

• Virtually invisible with just 3.5 cm between the TV and the wall
• Turns your screen 90 degrees to the left or right
• Tilts your LCD, Plasma or LED flat screen TV 20 degrees forward

For more information on the THIN 245, please visit the Vogel’s THIN 245 Alpine White product page. For more information on the THIN 345, please visit the Vogel's THIN 345 Alpine White product page. Please be aware that this special edition is only available in select areas. 

To check availability in your area, send us an e-mail.


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