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Get the full experience from your curved TV with a wall mount

Curved TVs are the wave of the future because of the entertainment experience they create. The TV screen is slightly curved so seems like the images you are watching are wrapped around you, pulling you more deeply into the show or film you are watching.


How do I get the best view from my curved TV?

Perhaps you are looking for a curved TV or are already a proud owner of one. Our product managers have been following this technology closely as it has become more and more popular. What you may not know, is how important it is to sit in the center of the screen, directly across from it. If you sit off to the side the images may distort slightly because of the curvature of the screen.

Curved TV DesignMount

Curved TV Samsung

Turn your curved TV for the best view

For curved TVs, we can help you get the very best view with our turnable wall mounts. With these wall mounts, you can turn your curved TV to wherever you are sitting in the room, and still get the best view from your TV. Our products are all designed with the same long-lasting quality and are easy to install. That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee on virtually all our TV wall mounts.



Most popular curved TV wall mounts

Curved TV DesignMountDesignMount (NEXT 7345)
Curved TV Mount THIN 345THIN 345 UltraThin
Curved TV Mount THIN 325THIN 325 UltraThin

Find the right TV wall mount with our flatscreenfitter

Most major brands offering curved TVs will have a VESA hole pattern on the back of the screen to mount your TV. To find out which Vogel’s TV wall mount can be used with your curved TV, check our flatscreen fitter or ask your local retailer for assistance.

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