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Stylish solution for video conferencing

Vogel’s introduces new Video conferencing furniture


Eindhoven, the Netherlands, January 2014 - Video conferencing is developing fast. Vogel’s is capitalising on this trend with our latest video conference unit, the PFF 5211.The focus in the development was to create a modern and versatile furniture featuring a stylish design in line with the award winning PFF 5100.  

PFF 5211 is a stylish video conference furniture especially designed for the use of larger or double displays. It is suitable for single displays from  55” up to 90” or for dual displays from 46” up to 65”. The furniture has wheels for easy maneuverability. The cabinet has ample space for codec’s, switches and other electronic equipment.

Access to the inside is made easy with 2 doors at the front and as well as 2 doors at the back. The furniture has an integrated loudspeaker compartment for an optional loudspeaker. This can be the Vogel’s PFA 9111 or any other speaker that fits the available space.

Combine the PFF5211 with the Vogel's Connect-it interface, the PFA9110 camera holder and the PFA9111 Video conferencing loudspeaker to create the perfect video conferencing solution.