Barco UniSee video wall

Barco UniSee® Universal video wall solutions

Barco and Vogel’s proudly announce the new compatibility of Barco UniSee®, which takes a completely new approach to truly seamless LCD video walls. Redesigning and optimizing every component, Barco UniSee® is not only a step forward in terms of image quality, but also in installation time, ease-of-servicing and reliability. Surpassing the traditional LCD video walls on every level and more, Barco UniSee® will define the seamless LCD video wall market for many years into the future.

Bezel-less viewing experience, innovative mounting system.

Using a specifically designed adapter, a Barco UniSee® LCD video wall can now be mounted to the Connect-it Universal video wall mounting system. With the Universal video wall solutions, Vogel’s is expanding the applications of LCD video walls - in terms of size, position, mobility and flexibility.

Because Barco Unisee® has seamless video walls and an unique way of servicing the displays, mounting the displays is therefore rather specific. That's why Vogel's designed and engineered a dedicated solution. A limited number of linkable components can be combined to compose a mounting solution for all sizes of video walls. Vogel’s proven Connect-it system is the basis for LCD video wall mounting solutions. Whether you need a ceiling, floor-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, free-standing, fixed or mobile solution, installation is clear and simple.

Product benefits

  • Dedicated UniSee® Mount adapter
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Modular system
  • Integrated cable management
  • TÜV-5 certified
  • Lightweight aluminum profiles

Kit configurations

Below you can find some examples of configurations which you can choose. These configurations are also available as ready-to-order kits. Please contact Vogel's for more configurations.

Installation movie - Connect-it universal video wall solutions for Barco UniSee

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