How to get even more out of your soundbar

You have probably purchased a soundbar to help improve the sound quality or to give it an extra boost while watching TV. But if your soundbar is not placed or mounted in the same position as your TV, it loses some of its power and the sound will not be sent in the best direction. We have a few tips to help you turn the sound with your TV. This is very easy to do in more ways than you might think!

How can you get the ultimate sound that turns with your TV?

The newer generation of TVs are becoming increasingly thin and fragile, such as the latest OLED TV screens from LG, Philips and Samsung. A thinner screen certainly comes at the expense of the sound from the TV. The speakers in the TV have been replaced by flatter ones or have almost completely disappeared. A soundbar is a great alternative! But then you have to place the soundbar in the same direction as your TV.

You get the very best sound when it is turned towards you. You should therefore mount the soundbar on a full-motion TV mount. We have a variety of soundbar mounts  available for that purpose. By attaching a soundbar mount to one of our full-motion TV mounts , the sound is able to turn with your TV, creating a true home cinema environment in your own living room.

Seamless connection of the soundbar and TV mount

A soundbar mount from Vogel's fits virtually any soundbar brand, such as LG, Bose, Bowers & Wilkins, Samsung, JBL and more. The soundbar mounts not only conveniently fit on every TV mount in our own product range, but also on TV mounts from other brands. This allows you to integrate your soundbar seamlessly in your existing TV set-up.

Adjustable for any soundbar

The best known soundbars from Sonos, such as Sonos Beam and Sonos Playbar, fit perfectly onto the SOUND 3550 soundbar mount. This enables the seamless connection of the compact Sonos Beam and your TV wall mount. You can simply sit back and enjoy its superb sound while streaming your music or watching TV and films.