Quality is a spearhead


We make sure everything is right before we start | Gerard, Manager Quality & Assurance
Quality & Assurance manager at Vogel's

Gerard Kanters is responsible for Quality & Assurance at Vogel's. It is a demanding task with production in Europe as well as China. 

Quality is a spearhead | Vogel's

Quality works closely with engineering and R&D

“We are shifting from Quality Control to Quality Assurance. Which essentially means we don’t filter out defects after a product is made, we make absolutely sure the components, materials and of course, design, is right before we start.” says Gerard.

Our quality teams work closely with Engineering and R&D, and together we ensure processes are constantly monitored, improved and always up to date. Our suppliers know what they have to do, how they have to do it and which tools to use to get the result we require.

Clearly it’s working, because Vogel’s is not just the benchmark for mounting solutions in both the professional and consumer sector in terms of product quality, we also like to lead the way in supply chain standards."

"Next to strict environmental compliance we enforce and maintain a high level of social responsibility. We meet, and where possible exceed, industry standards for labor conditions, human rights, health and safety according to the global Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).

Vogel's meets the global Business Social Compliance Initiative

As Vogel’s products evolved to contain active electronics, Gerard’s work became even more challenging. "We now have to meet more varied and complex certification requirements, for example CE standards. We have established systems to do this, and have gained a first CB certification for the MotionSoundMount. A proud moment!”

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