QLED wall mount for your Samsung TV

The Samsung QLED TV is not just any TV. It's a device with unprecedented image quality, fantastic sound and a revolutionary, ultra-slim design. So you will want to hang it as flat against the wall as possible, to allow all the unique features of your Samsung QLED TV to shine.

And so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. Good news: Vogel's has that perfect QLED wall mount for you.

QLED wall mounts specially for thin, fragile displays

All QLED TVs have a sublime, minimalistic design. To retain this design, our wall mounts go seamlessly with your Samsung QLED TV. Functionality and design go hand in hand. QLED TVs have thin displays, which is beautiful, but also vulnerable.  Would you like to hang this display on a full motion TV wall mount? Then you have to make sure that you can turn the fragile display smoothly. Yet another reason to choose a special Vogel's QLED wall mount.

Would you rather not manually turn your QLED TV? Then opt for a motorized full-motion wall mount. This TV mount automatically rotates to the desired viewing angle when turning your TV on or off. You can even turn your TV with the special app on your tablet or mobile.

Flat against the wall? Or the ability to turn?

Vogel's developed the ExtraThin Series specially for thin TVs such as the Samsung QLED TV. These are extra slim wall mounts that fit nicely with the minimalist design of your TV. Which ExtraThin wall mount is ideal for you depends on the room your TV is in and your personal wishes.

Do you want the TV flat against the wall?

Do you prefer to hang your new Samsung QLED TV on the wall like a painting? And do you always sit directly in front of your TV? Then this fixed wall mount from our THIN series is perfect for you: the THIN 505 ExtraThin. This wall mount is barely visible after mounting. Its distance to the wall is only 15 mm.

Samsung QLED TV mounted beautifully on the wall | Vogel's

Or do you want to tilt the display?

Would you like to hang your Samsung QLED TV higher, so you can comfortably watch TV from your bed, for example? Then choose the THIN 515 ExtraThin, an extra slim, tiltable wall mount. By tilting the display a few degrees, you can easily create the perfect viewing angle. Despite the ability to tilt your TV 15 degrees, the TV mount remains virtually invisible.

Do you want to turn the TV?

Would you like to enjoy your Samsung QLED TV to the fullest from any position in the room? Then you should opt for the THIN 545 ExtraThin. With this super slim wall mount you can turn your TV any way you want. From wherever you're watching, simply move your Samsung QLED TV towards you and put it on your favourite channel. 

Thanks to the high-quality bearings, the wall mount turns very smoothly, which is very convenient. You can literally turn the display towards the desired position with just one finger. 

Samsung QLED TVs are available in different sizes. But don't worry, our wall mounts always fit. We have mounts for display sizes from 26 to 65 inches and the THIN 550 ExtraThin goes up to 100 inches, so there is always a suitable solution for your Samsung QLED TV. Also, some TV mounts are available in different colours.

Your thin Samsung QLED TV mounted perfectly against the wall

QLED wall mount, your TV flat on the wall

Why choose a Vogel's QLED wall mount?

Vogel's is simply the best choice for a QLED wall mount. Well thought-out design, beautiful and high-quality materials, and easy installation. With Vogel's you get quality.

  • Your ultra-thin Samsung QLED TV nice and flat against the wall
  • Turn your fragile TV display smoothly thanks to the special bearings in our mounts
  • Safety comes first! All mounts tested at three times the maximum weight, and TÜV certified

We make it as simple as possible

We ensure ease of installation

Mounting your TV using a Vogel's wall mount is easy.  All the necessary screws to fasten the mount to your Samsung QLED TV are included in the package. We also supply the plugs and screws that are required for mounting on a concrete or stone wall. With our handy, free app, you can easily mark out the first drill hole. Click here to download the TV mount guide app. Of course your Vogel's wall mount comes with a clear manual. You can also watch the handy installation video on YouTube.

Handy tool: the right TV mount every time

No matter what type of TV you have, Vogel's always has a suitable wall mount for you. Simply use our advice tool. Enter the model number of your TV and the desired functionality. And you'll immediately see all of the suitable mounts.  You can also search without entering the model number of your TV or the functionality. But if you enter the model number, we can give you more specific advice. 

Special thanks to Samsung Netherlands for making various Samsung QLED images available.