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Why you need a special OLED TV mount

Your OLED TV is thin, stylish and minimalistic, with razor-sharp images. You want to enjoy every aspect of that. That's why your TV deserves a special OLED wall mount from Vogel's. This allows you to do full justice to the sleek design.

Vogel's: the leader in OLED wall mounts

Vogel's is simply the best choice when it comes to OLED wall mounts. Whether it concerns the design, the materials used or the ease of installation, with Vogel's you always get quality. 

  • Fits perfectly on your OLED TV
  • Your thin TV flush against the wall
  • Smoothly turn your fragile OLED screen to the perfect viewing angle. Manual or automatic
Vogel's draaibare OLED muurbeugel, geschikt voor OLED tv's

OLED wall mounts for a minimalist design 

Most OLED TVs have an attractive, minimalist design. To keep it that way, our wall mounts connect seamlessly to the back of your TV. Functionality and design go hand in hand.

But there's another reason why you need a special Vogel's OLED wall mount. The OLED TV screen is extremely thin. Great to look at, of course, but also fragile.  Would you like to mount this screen on a full-motion TV wall mount? Then you have to make sure that you can turn the fragile screen smoothly. You can count on that with a Vogel's wall mount. Our designers have years of experience in the development of full-motion TV wall mounts. Including those for OLED TVs.  

The thinnest full-motion TV wall mount

The THIN 546 is our thinnest full-motion TV wall mount. It is specially designed for OLED TVs and the distance to the wall is only about 45 mm! And yet this OLED TV wall mount has a maximum weight capacity of 30 kg. With the THIN 546, virtually any OLED TV between 40" and 65" (102-165cm) can be mounted extremely flat against the wall. 

Extra-flat against the wall? Or turn the TV?

Flat OLED wall mounts

Would you like to mount your OLED TV as close to the wall as possible, like a painting? And do you always sit directly in front of your TV? In that case, you should choose a flat wall mount. With our THIN series of wall mounts, you can mount your OLED TV extra flat against the wall.

Full-motion OLED wall mounts

Do you like to watch your favourite programmes on the couch, but also from the kitchen or dining table? A (manual) full-motion OLED wall mount is the ideal solution. Our full-motion wall mounts are specially designed to turn your thin TV smoothly to the perfect viewing angle.

Full-motion motorized OLED wall mount

Would you rather not touch your fragile OLED screen? In that case, our motorised full-motion wall mounts are the ultimate solution. You can easily turn the screen to the desired position using an app. Enjoy your luxury OLED TV to the fullest with this advanced Vogel's wall mount. 

Do you have an LG OLED TV?

Vogel's full-motion OLED wall mount, suitable for OLED TVs Vogel's full-motion OLED wall mount, suitable for OLED TVs

Vogel's has developed special OLED wall mounts in co-operation with LG, as the rear of most LG OLED TVs is different to those of other TVs. The Vogel's TV wall mounts NEXT 7346 and NEXT 7356 are a perfect fit for LG OLED TVs. Vogel's has also developed a flat and full-motion solution for the exclusive LG Signature models:NEXT 7505 and NEXT 7555.

Our complete range of OLED wall mounts
Type number Description Functionality Motorized Recommended price
NEXT 7356 MotionMount (NEXT 7356) Full-Motion Motorised TV Wall Mount ideal for OLED TVs Full-Motion Yes NOK8,399.00
NEXT 7555 NEXT 7555 Full-Motion Motorised TV Wall Mount for LG Signature TV Full-Motion Yes NOK11,999.00
NEXT 7346 NEXT 7346 Full-Motion OLED TV Wall Mount Full-Motion No NOK4,299.00
THIN 546 THIN 546 ExtraThin Full-Motion TV Wall Mount for OLED TVs (black) Full-Motion NOK3,699.00
THIN 505 THIN 505 ExtraThin Fixed TV Wall Mount Fixed NOK1,199.00
THIN 405 THIN 405 ExtraThin Fixed TV Wall Mount Fixed NOK799.00
NEXT 7505 NEXT 7505 Fixed TV Wall Mount for LG Signature TV Fixed NOK3,999.00

Convenient tool: always the right TV mount

Whatever type of TV you have, Vogel's always has a suitable wall mount for you. Simply use our advice tool. Enter the model number of your TV and the desired functionality. And you'll immediately see all of the suitable mounts.

You can also search without entering the model number of your TV or the functionality. But if you enter the model number, we can give you more specific advice.

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