Want to mount your TV on a hollow wall?

Vogel's stud adapter, specifically designed for hollow walls

Mounting your TV on a hollow wall

One question that regularly comes up is whether it is possible to mount a TV mount on a plasterboard or hollow wall. Hollow walls are often built on a metal or wooden framework. In principle, the answer is 'yes' but... it does depend on the situation. A number of scenarios are described below, along with advice on installing a Vogel's TV mount on a hollow wall.

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Please note:
The tips on this page have been compiled with the greatest care. Nevertheless, if you want to be sure to achieve the safest results, please contact a professional and/or a specialist shop. 

Measuring the distance between the profiles

1. How can I find out the distance between the profiles?

Currently, builders mainly make use of two types of system, namely walls composed of:

  • A wooden frame or profiles
  • Metal stud profiles

In most cases, both wooden and metal stud profiles are placed at a centre-to-centre (c.t.c.) recommended distance of 600 mm, although in some cases it may be 450 mm. How do you determine the correct distance?

  • For wooden profiles, you check this by knocking on the wall until you find a place that sounds less hollow. Mark this point and then check whether the next upright is placed at 450 mm or 600 mm.
  • For metal stud profiles, you use a pipe finder, which allows you to detect the metal profiles.

Please note: you do not know whether the upright profiles are correctly fixed to the floor or ceiling. If in doubt, we always recommend consulting an expert..

Vogel's stud adapter, the solution for hollow walls

Vogel's stud adapter for hollow walls

Our stud adapter is a highly suitable solution for wooden uprights  with the aforementioned characteristics. The adapter:

  • comes with wood thread bolts, specifically for screwing into wooden profiles;
  • has a hole pattern suitable for 600 mm and 450 mm profiles.

2. A wooden frame wall

When you have performed the check and the frame is made of wood, you can continue without issue. You can use a flat TV mount (FLAT), such as the COMFORT Fixed or Vogel's THIN 505, (which are both suitable for a 450 or 600 mm frame), which bridges the gap between the two wooden upright profiles. A full motion TV mount (TURN) can be mounted directly on the wooden stud. You can also use Vogel's stud adapter (Vogel's THIN 595). This metal adapter allows you to mount your TV centred between two wooden uprights. 

  • Use the screws provided with the TV bracket.
  • Predrill the holes as shown in the manual to prevent tearing.
Vogel's stud adapter for wooden frame hollow walls Vogel's stud adapter for wooden frame hollow walls

3. A metal stud wall

If it concerns a metal stud wall, the wall must be reinforced with an extra back plate of sufficient thickness (underlayment). This is necessary because the metal stud profiles are only 6 mm thick. That's relatively limp. If you install your TV mount and TV directly on the profile, there is a chance that the TV will tip over, or from the wall.

It is important for the rear wall to be sufficiently thick (approximately 18 mm, together with the plasterboard approximately 30.5 mm or thicker) and to be securely fixed. 

Please note: when using the Vogel's stud adapter together with metal studs, you still need to reinforce the wall and you will also need to use other mounting materials, which are not included. For the safest advice and results, consult an installer and/or specialist. Standard metal stud screws are probably not suitable to absorb the force of the support/stud adapter.

Vogel's stud adapter for metal stud hollow walls

4. What mounting materials do I need?

To ascertain what mounting materials you need, drill a hole with a small drill at the locations of both uprights. This will enable you to make a better assessment. You may come across wooden or a metal uprights, for example, and it is also useful for checking the wall thickness. Normally, 12 mm plasterboard is used for a single wall. This is important for deciding the length of screws needed.

Warning: the tips on this page are for information only, they do not provide complete assurance in individual situations. No rights can be derived from these tips. Please read the warning and mounting instructions carefully before installing and/or mounting a TV wall mount. It is extremely important that these products are mounted and/or installed correctly! If the mounting and/or installation work is not carried out in the correct manner, there is a high risk of injury and/or damage to your TV and/or other objects. Vogel's recommends that these products be mounted and/or installed by a professional installer and cannot be held liable for any injury and/or damage caused by incorrect installation or assembly. If you wish to install your TV wall mount on a hollow wall, such as hollow bricks, wooden panels or plasterboard, we recommend that you contact a qualified installer and/or specialist for the safest results.

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Mounting your TV on a hollow wall

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