LG OLED55C7V wall mount

Optimal use of your OLED TV

Just purchased a new LG OLED TV?

And would you like to mount it on an LG OLED wall mount?

Get even more enjoyment from your LG OLED55C7V TV and your favourite programmes or films. Using a Vogel’s full-motion TV wall mount for the LG OLED55C7V, you can follow your favourite programmes from multiple viewing angles, such as from the kitchen or dining table. You simply turn your OLED TV towards you.

Full-motion LG OLED55C7V wall mount

Our full-motion TV wall mounts turn extremely smoothly and are especially designed for these thin screens. Take a look at Vogel’s NEXT 7346 full-motion OLED wall mount especially designed for OLED TVs. The design of this TV wall mount is based on the Vogel’s DesignMount. This TV mount has already won several design awards. The wall mount has a very smooth motion, literally allowing you to turn the screen with one finger. 

Vogel's full-motion OLED wall mount, suitable for OLED TVs
Vogel's full-motion OLED wall mount, suitable for OLED TVs

The thinnest TV mount for your LG OLED55C7V

Prefer a mounting option close to the wall? Then take a look at the ExtraThin full-motion OLED wall mount THIN 546, the thinnest TV wall mount of all. This wall mount also has a smooth motion and fits seamlessly with your LG OLED55C7V. 

Or would you like your LG OLED55C7V flat against the wall?

As well as full-motion TV wall mounts, Vogel’s also has OLED wall mounts that allow you to mount your TV flat against the wall. Vogel’s ExtraThin TV mounts THIN 405 or THIN 505 are highly suitable for this purpose.

Vogel's OLED wall mounts, your thin TV flat against the wall

Would you prefer not to turn your thin OLED screen manually?

If you would prefer not to turn your thin OLED screen manually, you can also choose a motorised OLED wall mount. This TV wall mount (NEXT 7356) automatically (re)turns to the preferred position when your TV is switched on or off. You can also move your TV yourself, via your tablet or mobile phone, using a special app.

Suitable for TVs from 40 to 65 inch (100-165 cm) with a maximum weight of 30 kg. If you opt for a NEXT mount, you are not only choosing a lovely TV wall mount but the very best!

All of our OLED solutions

We have designed special OLED wall mounts specifically for OLED TVs. These screens are ultra-thin and therefore extremely fragile. Based on our many years of experience, Vogel's has designed full-motion OLED wall mounts specifically for this type of TV with a very smooth turning motion, preventing damage to the screen. You can find easy-to-move full-motion OLED wall mounts or other wall mounts that allow you to mount your TV flat against the wall.

Our complete range of TV mounts

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