Get more from your Sonos wireless speakers

Prefer to mount your Sonos speaker or use a stand?

 What is the best option: mounting your Sonos® speakers or using a stand? We present all of your options at a glance and let you know the advantages of each option. Take a look at all of Vogel's speaker wall mount and floor stand solutions.

Sonos wall mount

One of the most important reasons to mount your Sonos speakers has to do with listening height. Mounting your speakers allows you to place your speakers at ear level. This helps you to create more than just the ideal listening experience. Mounting your Sonos speakers is also the best solution for achieving optimal sound when watching films. It creates an authentic cinema experience right in your living room!

Mounting your Sonos speakers produces even more benefits, apart from the ideal listening height. Choosing to mount your Sonos speakers helps to optimise the absorption of sound vibrations, which contributes to better sound quality.

As well as offering better sound quality, another major advantage of mounting your Sonos speakers is that it keeps them out of sight. Your Sonos speakers are less prominent in your interior.

Space-saving speaker solution

As well as making your speakers less prominent, using a mount also helps you to save space. The speakers don't get in the way and often take up less space in your interior.

Or would you prefer to place your Sonos speaker on a speaker stand?

Mounting your Sonos speakers is not the only option available, of course. Placing your Sonos speakers on stands is also possible. Choosing to use stands for your Sonos speakers gives you more flexibility in deciding where to place them. For example, you can easily place your Sonos speakers next to the couch or in the place that best suits your interior.

Hiding unsightly cables with a Sonos speaker stand

Cables are no longer an eyesore if you choose to use a speaker stand for your Sonos speakers. Our speaker floor stands are always equipped with an extra cable, which gives you more freedom to move your speaker stand wherever you like.

Vogel’s solutions for Sonos speakers

Vogel’s has designed a customised product range especially for Sonos speakers, providing you with a variety of options for placing your Sonos wireless speaker in your interior. This means that you can mount your speakers, place them on stands and you can even choose to place them on a table or sideboard.

Would you like to see Vogel's entire product range? Please take a look at all of the options for speaker mounts, floor stands and table stands .

Sonos speaker wall mounts

A Sonos wall mount for mounting your speaker at ear level.

  1. Wall mount for Sonos One (SL), Play:1 & Play:3

    Wall mount for Sonos One (SL), Play:1 & Play:3

    The universal solution to improve the acoustics in your home, for surround speakers and smaller hi-fi speakers.

Sonos speaker stand

A Sonos floor stand for placing your speaker next to your couch or seating area.

  1. Speaker floor stand for Sonos One (SL), Play:1 & Play:3

    Speaker floor stand for Sonos One (SL), Play:1 & Play:3

    Raise your Sonos speakers to ear level. Comes with integrated power cord.

Sonos table stand

A Sonos table stand to better adjust the direction of your speaker.