Connect - Smart AV Accessories

That cable spaghetti behind your electronic devices… sounds familiar? The smart solutions from Vogel's CONNECT are the answer. Find the right solution for your situation below.

Smart solutions for AV connections

Extend the lifespan of your AV devices with Vogel's smart solutions.
Are the connections on your AV equipment incompatible with each other? The smart solutions from Vogel's are the answer. The SAVA series consists of products that can be used to expand (older) devices with new technologies. For example, wireless connections can be enabled or analogue connections can be converted to digital. You don't need to replace your equipment!

HMDI extender transmits the signal digitally.
The SAVA 1022 provides wireless HDMI transmission throughout your home between different AV devices, including your smartphone. Supports full HD (1080p), HDCP and fully connects to all HDMI versions. Wireless range up to 50 metres. Connect old and new devices to each other with the smart solutions from Vogel's

Mount the second TV wherever you like
The SAVA 1022 transmits the TV signal digitally from one TV to a second TV without any delay or loss of quality. Or stream the contents of your decoder, PC or Blu-ray player in HD quality to a second TV, anywhere in your home.

Fewer cables, more options
All that is needed to connect the second TV is a single power point and the SAVA 1022. That saves a lot of cables around the house! The signal from one AV device (e.g. a TV/PC/decoder) is transmitted to the second AV device via a wireless HDMI transmission.

HDMI hub for 4 devices.
The SAVA 1026 allows you to connect 4 HDMI devices to your TV. Suitable for the latest Ultra HD 4K resolution. Supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, as well as other popular audio formats. The built-in repeater and equaliser prevent signal loss. HDCP 2.2 support provides secure 4K Ultra HD content. Connect old and new devices to each other with the smart solutions from Vogel's

Connect more devices to your TV
The HDMI hub easily expands the number of possible connections to your TV. Without sacrificing any of the quality. The SAVA 1026 automatically switches between the connected devices and puts devices not in use on stand-by.

High Ultra HD (4K)  resolution
The SAVA 1026 supports the latest Ultra HD/4K technology and displays more subtle details, deeper contrast and brighter colours. The built-in repeater and equaliser correct any signal loss. A 3-metre 4K HDMI cable is included.

  • Vogel's supplies smart solutions
  • for optimum ease of use
  • extends the lifespan of your AV equipment
  • everything you need is in the box
  • easy to install