Do you have a lot of HDMI cables but too few connections?

An HDMI switch offers the solution

Fewer cables, more possibilities

It's a familiar problem: you have more AV devices than your TV has HDMI inputs. What can you do? AN HDMI switch or hub offers you more HDMI connections. Super convenient! It means you no longer have to unplug cables if you want to watch TV via another device.

Automatic switching between your AV devices

Ideally, an HDMI switch should switch automatically between your AV devices. The Vogel’s HDMI auto switcher (SAVA 1026) is just such an HDMI hub and switches automatically between all connected AV devices. With the Vogel’s SAVA 1026 UltraHD HDMI Switch, you can connect up to four peripheral devices to your TV through a single cable.

The advantage when using a full-motion TV mount

The main advantage of an HDMI switch is that only one HDMI cable needs to be threaded through the mount when connecting multiple peripheral devices.

Small size, great performance

An HDMI switch is a tiny box that you connect to one of your TV HDMI ports. Hubs like this have multiple HDMI inputs, allowing you to connect multiple peripheral devices to a single HDMI port on your TV.

Other benefits of this powerhouse are:
  • Suitable for the latest Ultra HD 4K resolution, resulting in more subtle details, deeper contrast and vibrant colours
  • Supports all current audio formats, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
  • A remote control allows you to switch between AV devices from the comfort of your chair
  • Powerful HDCP 2.2 support ensures secure 4K Ultra HD content
  • Comes with a free 3-metre 4K HDMI cable

Prefer to go completely wireless?

Would you rather not see any cables at all? Or is your AV equipment positioned further away? An HDMI transmitter/receiver is the perfect solution. This sends a duplicate wireless HDMI signal from one AV device to another without the need for additional connections. 

The Vogel’s SAVA 1022 provides just such a wireless HDMI connection between different AV devices. All you need to connect this transmitter/receiver is a power point. The HDMI signal is then transmitted wirelessly from one AV device to another. The SAVA 1022 supports full HD (1080p) and HDCP, and fully connects to all HDMI versions. It has a maximum wireless range of 50 metres.

So, you no longer need to unplug cables when you want to watch TV via a different device! These Vogel’s SAVA solutions make it easy to connect multiple HDMI devices to your TV using only a single cable.

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A whole series of smart solutions

In addition to the 4-to-1 HDMI auto switch, Vogel's offers a range of other smart AV solutions. The Vogel's SAVA series consists of products that enable 'classic' devices to be expanded with or connected to new technologies. For example, wireless connections can be enabled or analogue connections converted to digital connections. Make your valuable AV equipment compatible and enjoy it for even longer! The smart solutions from Vogel's are the answer.

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Do you have a lot of HDMI cables but too few connections?