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Create Flat Art with a Flat TV Bracket

Make your room look clean and modern! Mount your LCD, Plasma or LED TV flat against the wall with Vogel's ultra-thin TV wall mounts.

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Vogel’s Ultra Thin FLAT TV Wall mounts

Make any room look cleaner and more modern by mounting your flat screen TV against the wall. Vogel’s flat TV brackets allow you to enjoy your morning news show or afternoon cookery programme in style and let your television blend seamlessly with the design of your room. Expand your home cinema experience by enhancing your LCD, Plasma or LED television today!

THIN 205 & THIN 305 – LCD, Plasma and LED TV Wall Mounts

Turn your flat screen TV into a work of art with this ultra-thin flat TV bracket for LED, Plasma and LCD televisions. Vogel’s wall mounts allow you to maximise the space around your television and save space in a crowded room by mounting your TV flat against the wall.

Hanging at just 1.5 cm (0.6 inches) from the wall, your mount will protrude little more than a standard picture frame and the flat TV brackets provide easy access for cable service positioning. The built-in spirit level ensures that your TV will always hang straight, keeping your home tidy and stylish. Click on the product names below to find out more about the different models:

THIN 205 - LED/LCD/Plasma wall mounts
THIN 305 - LED/LCD/Plasma wall mounts


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Flatscreenfitter – Find the Right Flat TV Bracket for Your Television

Use the Vogel's Flatscreenfitter to find out which UltraThin TV wall bracket or other Vogel's mount fits your LCD, Plasma or LED television. 

Flatscreenfitter - Does this TV mount fit your TV?

Where to buy

To find the store or online sales point nearest to you that stocks ultra-thin TV wall mounts, use the Where to buy.