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Vogel’s History



SoundMount-award-winnerMarch 2016 - SoundMount acclaimed by world’s foremost design forums

Already in it's first months of operation the Vogel’s SoundMount has received both an iF and Red Dot Product Design award – two of the world’s most important design forums. These awards recognise the unique vision and craftsmanship that are reflected in this product’s design.



February 2016 - Vogel's introduces new locking wall mounts for flat-panel displaysPFW 4xxx series

A new series that is ideal for use in public spaces that cannot be continuously supervised and helps protect displays against theft.
A sturdy locking mechanism secures the displays. The slim design creates a clean and elegant look that takes up a minimum of space.


SoundMountNovember 2015 -  Impressive sound that turns with your TV

SoundMount is designed for people who want to improve their entertainment experience without installing a separate sound system or speakers in their room. It is an elegant TV mount and soundbar in one! With TVs becoming lighter and thinner, the quality of their sound limits equally. With Vogel's SoundMount, that is no longer an issue. The full-motion TV wall mount combines our high-end wall mount with an integrated soundbar that has a wireless subwoofer.


October 2015 – Reopening of original premises re-opening-Vogels
following major renovation work

Vogel's has been housed in the Hondsruglaan in Eindhoven since 1973. Following a number of internal renovations however, the building had reached its limits. Add to this the future vision; to be an accessible and transparent consumer brand, and the international working field, and there was reason enough for Vogel's to undertake major renovation work in 2015.  The result will serve us for years to come!


WALL ambiance

September 2015 - new TV WALL brackets

We created several  trendy TV wall brackets for flat screen TVs within the WALL series that give simply smart value. They work smoothly and securely, look great in any décor and are designed to last.


TV Mount Advisor

June 2015 – Online TV Mount Advisor

TV Mount Advisor is the online consumer advice tool from Vogel’s. It helps consumers find the right TV mount for their homes. We created this tool to make consumers feel more informed and confident when choosing a TV support.


Vogel's mounts for Sonos PLAY:1 and PLAY:3

May 2015 -
Get more out of your Sonos speakers

Vogel’s designers have gone back to their roots to create the new SOUND line of speaker wall mounts and  floor stands, especially for Sonos . This versatile line gives music lovers more flexibility to create the best acoustics in any size or shape of room.


iF award 2015 for Vogel's WALL 2345

March 2015 - Vogel's wins iF product design award for WHITE TV mount

After introduction by Vogel’s with a new WALL series turnable TV mounts in a WALL 2345 White, they are rewarded with the prestigious iF design award.



Vogel's professional configuration tool

February 2015 -
The ultimate configuration tool for professionals

Vogel’s Professional introduces beginning 2015 the PRO-AV Mount Advisor .
This highly advanced tool configures a mounting solution in just a few easy steps!
This advisor can help many professionals on a daily basis. YouTube


CES 2015 award for Vogel's Tablet holders

January 2015 –
Tablet mount honored with CES honoree

During the biggest Consumer Electronics show in US, we received an honoree award for the Vogel's tablet mounts as this product scored highly across all judging criteria!


Curved TVDecember 2014 –
Curved TV – the wave of the future

To get the best possible view of your curved TV, a wall mount is a must! Our product managers have been following this technology closely and there are many Vogel's wall mount options available to fit different decors and room requirements!

AV award 2014 for Vogel's professional

 September 2014 - Vogel's Professional Winner of the AV Award 2014

In September 2014 Vogel's Professional is proud to be the winner of the most prestigious trophy of the AV industry. In the category AV Accessory of the Year we were the best with our next generation projector ceiling mounts (PPC 15xx and PPC 25xx Series). 


September 2014 – Tablet holder designed for
Flex mount for any tablet by Vogel's kitchen, bathroom and car

Since 2010, a Vogel’s Tablet Mount system has been available based on the RingO technology. But in 2014 our designers take it a step further and we are proud to introduce our universal Tablet Holder that fits any brand of tablet. The Tablet Mount packs are design for using a tablet in your kitchen, bathroom or car.


Vogel's DesignMount - shaped by 40 years of experience

June 2014 - A unique mount shaped by 40 years of experience with Award winning design!

In this year our journey brought us to a whole new level. It started when we challenged our young designers to come up with a whole new wall mount concept for premium TVs.

Vogel’s designers have put their heart and soul into creating the new DesignMount – a TV wall mount that’s a true work of art. Designed for flat screen TVs, this unique wall mount concept is created for design lovers who want to complement their high-end TV with distinctive looking accessories.

It is a turning point for wall mount design and wer are very proud to be awarded with an iF award, a Red Dot and several local product design awards!



May 2014 – A better sound experience with
a Vogel’s Sound Bar mount

Better sound experience with Vogel’s Sound Bar mountAnother trend within consumer electronics are the upcoming sound bars. Sound Bars provide the ideal compact solution for enhancing the impressive sounds we enjoy when watching our favourite movies and shows. And to make these Sound Bars seamlessly fit on any type of flat screen TV, Vogel’s introduces Sound Bar mount products. These elegant solutions are suitable for mounting any brand of sound Bar to any brand of flat screen TV.


January 2014 – Stylish mounting solution for video conferencingVogel''s video conference solution

As video conferencing is developing fast, Vogel’s quickly capitalizes on this trend by developing a modern and versatile video furniture. This stylish video conference furniture is especially designed for the use of larger or double displays.


Vogel's WALL series - turnable wall mounts

September 2013 – Make every flat screen TV look great

 With an ultra thin plate and high gloss finish, Vogel’s WALL line makes every flat screen TV look great – any way you look at. Elegant mounts that Turn and tilt it to get the best view from anywhere in the room. Vogel’s introduced these mounts in a fresh WHITE and black high gloss finish.



40 years of expanding experiences

28 May 2013 – 40 years

It was 40 years ago that Vogel's was founded. In 1973, Harry Vogels started the company. It was the year that his children, Gerdi and Marcel, got separate bedrooms to make space for a working area, and the garage was converted into a small warehouse. Much has changed since then, yet when it comes to AV equipment, people still want to save space without sacrificing their experience. That's why consumers around the world continue to choose Vogel’s products for their unique quality and design.



Connect-it Floor

February 2013 – Connect-it Floor

After raising ceiling mounting to new heights in 2010 and 2011, we now introduce a completely new modular range of floor stands and trolleys for the professional market. With just a few standard components, you can create a solution to meet almost any need; from a single display on the floor in a shop window, to a back-to-back display in an airport, to a video conferencing set-up for an office or conference centre — the flexible Connect-it floor solutions fit every situation. 


Red Dot award

July 2012 – Red Dot Award for Video Conferencing Furniture

Just four months after introducing the PFF 5100 we are honoured to receive the prestigious Red Dot Design award 2012. Together with this stylish furniture, we also introduce the first dedicated video conferencing loudspeaker.



THIN 345 wins Red Dot award

September 2011 – THIN 345 Wins  Award after Award

Flat screens are almost as thin they can get. We introduce Vogel’s ultra-thin television wall mount series in 2010 to support these challenging screens. In Sept 2011, the THIN 345 model wins the Red Dot Design award and in 2012 the iF award, and a number of local awards as well. Vogel’s designers have succeeded in creating a flat screen mount that is both very thin and very sturdy. This product also goes on to be the best selling product for four years! in a row, according to the GFK retail list.



 New Vogel’s starts colouring the world orange

September 2011 – Vogel’s colours its world orange

Along with launching a new brand identity that features orange as our new corporate colour, Vogel’s introduces the new WALL and THIN product lines. Changing a brand identity is a complex undertaking and involves altering all of our presentation and communication materials, globally, to our fresh new look with an orange glow. Orange takes us back to our roots, since our first products appeared in orange packaging.



TabLock®: secure enclosures for professional use of tablets

July 2011 – TabLock®: secure enclosures for professional use of tablets

When tablets are used in a public area, you want to make sure your tablet is safe from theft or tampering. To solve this problem, we introduce TabLock. This stylishly designed enclosure prevents theft and unauthorized operation, and includes several accessories to place tablets on the wall, floor or desk.



 Vogel's solutions for THIN TV'sSeptember 2010 – Wall Mounts for Ultra-Thin TVs

2010 was the birth of the first ultra-thin screen TVs. Vogel’s introduces the THIN product line to complement these new screens; offering a full range of fixed and flexible flat screen mounts for large screens. These breakthrough products are made possible by the teamwork between our designers and manufacturing facility. A special production method is used to make this new ultra-thin design without sacrificing any strength. Thin yet trustworthy, strong yet elegant – the quality you expect from a Vogel’s product.




July 2010 - Guinness World Record Non-stop Gaming using Vogel's TwistDockVogel's Guinness book of records

The Twistdock Endurance Gaming Event was an initiative of Vogel’s,
that used this gaming marathon to draw attention to the accessory
for Sony's PlayStation 3, the Vogel’s TwistDock.



iPad mounting system

May 2010 – iPad Tablet holders

A few months after Steve Jobs introduces the iPad to the world, we introduce a system to mount your iPad anywhere. From our strategic research, we predict that tablets will become the future of personal entertainment systems. In summer 2010, the iPad becomes available to many countries outside the USA, but it isn’t until 2011 that the iPad becomes globally available. With the launch of the iPad2 in 2011, Vogel’s rebrands its iPad tablet holders as Vogel’s RingO.

This design is internationally recognised with an iF product design award.



Connect-it: taking mounting solutions to a new level

February 2010 – Connect-it: taking mounting solutions to a new level

In the professional market, ceilings are a very important mounting surface. New technologies require new solutions, so eight years after the introduction of the very successful 9000 Series, we decide to take ceiling mounting to the next level. In 2010 we start with Connect-it Small, and one year later we surprise the market again with Connect-it Large. Next to practical functionality and easy installation, we add modern design to our modular product range.


8000 SeriesMay 2009 – The 8000 Series 

In 2009 flat screens are becoming thinner and thinner. One of the key features of the 6000 Series is that it can be turned 90 degrees from the wall, and has a patented wall protection system for movable mounts. A revolutionary mechanism is also introduced into the 8000 Series that allows the screen to turn smoothly. The tilting and fixed models of this product are designed according to Vogel’s strict standards and complete the line-up of this revolutionary family.Also this product design attracted the jury of the Red Dot organisation as we obtained this desired Red Dot award.


Physix for best valueMarch 2009 – Physix for best value

A focus on quality and design excellence has given the Vogel’s brand the ‘A Brand’ status in its category. To make our products available to a wider range of consumers, we introduce the Physix brand. It focuses on strong and simple products that everyone can enjoy. We even create the website especially for this sub brand. The durable qualities of these products are complemented by a stylish red & black design and, with this line, Vogel’s is also the first to introduce a clever solution to snap-on or detach the screen to the wall plate with quick lock/release strips.



 Brand your stand and customize your displayMay 2008 – Brand your stand and customize your display

A new range of floor stands and trolleys can be easily customized for any company’s logo and colour. This is also possible with TVskin®, an enclosure which allows your display to stand out from its surroundings, or fit into your interior design. For the first time a mounting solution is not just a product — it becomes a marketing tool.



Electronic remote-controlled mountSeptember 2007 – Electronic remote-controlled Wall Mount

Doesn’t life seem so much cooler in James Bond movies, where everything moves via remote control? We decide it’s time that flat screens move in the same way in real life, and create the Glider. This flat screen mount turns the TV left or right with the press of a button. The fast, smooth movement creates a wow effect, which still gets ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s today.


Vogel's SoundpointerSept 2007 Soundpointer – Point your speaker for the best sound !

With SoundPointer™ Vogel’s emphasized on the importance of aiming the sound to where it matters. 
It allowed you to place the speaker at the right spot and at the right angle.


May 2007 Moodvision: Universal backlight for flatscreenVogel's Moodvision TV backlight

We announced the launch of MoodVision™, a universal backlight that fits onto the reverse
side of any flat screen TV, adding a whole new dimension to your entertainment experience.


Vogel's screen projection paint Mighty Brighty

September 2006 –Revolutionary new product: Projection Screen Paint

Vogel’s introduced a revolutionary new product: Projection Screen Paint called Mighty Brighty. It is a new and unique Vogel’s concept for creating the perfect projection screen for living rooms, home cinemas, café’s, offices and classrooms. Pick up a paintbrush, paint Mighty Brighty on a smooth wall and enjoy the excellent picture quality.

May 2006 – The 6000 Series Projector Projector mountMount 

For people who want big screens, a projector seems to be the ideal solution. Home Theatre specialists begin to install more projectors with 5.1 Home Cinema audio systems. The projector market is expected to boom as projectors move out of the office and into homes. At this time, a new member joins the Vogel’s 6000 Series of flat screen mounts – the 6000 projector mount. This mount has a patented design that allows you to quickly release a projector from one mount to another 6000 Series mount in another room. Using one projector for multiple locations, be it ceiling, wall or even a table is a snap!

The projector market did not boom, but the 6000 projector mounts continue to be embraced by offices and schools. In any case the design in crowned with the international iF award and Dutch Design award.



 Original Series, the benchmark for flat screen mounts March 2006 – Original Series, the benchmark for Flat Screen mounts

We are the first to introduce a range of flat screen mounts for small flat TVs with the Vogel’s 1000 Series. In 2006, these products become the benchmark for the industry. Sales figures and the many copycats prove that this design is timeless. Vogel’s introduces a new visual identity for the Original Series, and a new product line-up that incorporates the successful 1000 Series flat screen mount.


November 2005 – Flat Screen Furniture

Flat screens are creating more space in living rooms, but replacing a bulky old CRT TV with a flat screen and still using the furniture designed for the old TV does not win you any new space. PuttiFlat screen furnitureng flat screens on specially designed furniture creates the opportunity for people to save space without needing to mount their TV on the wall. Vogel’s designs several new types of furniture to answer the demand. It’s clear that mounting and drilling are sometimes a big step for some consumers so our design team creates furniture solutions in wood and glass. In 2004 a full line-up is introduced, but by the end of the decade the market has changed greatly and Vogel’s decides to stop developing furniture.


June 2005 – 3D launch of 6000 Series

A few months before the official launch at the IFA in Berlin, the Vogel’s team introduces the revolutionary 6000 Series of Plasma/LCD wall mount products to its sales network via a 3D presentation.

Vogel's 6000 Series - LCD TV with TV wall mountThe 3D visualisation gives everyone the opportunity to see the new products from every angle, down to the smallest detail. At IFA 2005, the products are displayed to the world. The 6000 Series, with its unique two arm design and wall protection system for screens, will become a big success in 2006, and we sell over one million of these mounts in the years to come. In the introduction year we are awarded with the Dutch Design award  for this serie and a year later we receie an iF product design award.

With the launch of the 6000 series, we introduce a simple matrix to explain the different products and help consumers to select the right mount. This way of choosing products quickly becomes the standard for all brands.

Extendable projector ceiling kits

April 2005 – Extendable Ceiling Mounts for Projectors

To make it easier and quicker for installers to mount a projector on the ceiling, we introduce the PPC Series; pre-assembled ceiling kits that have an adjustable height. An easy way to save time and money!



FlatscreenFitter the invisible sales assistant

August 2004 – Flatscreenfitter – The invisible sales assistant

So many screens and so many choices! To simplify sales for employees in stores, Vogel’s creates a database that contains virtually every flat screen manufactured and sold. This clever method of using market data to simplify the sales process also helps Vogel’s to create truly universal television wall mounts.



Vogel’s aluminium mount for projectors June 2003 – Vogel’s aluminium Projector Mounts

We have always paid special attention to new trends and materials. In a market where steel is the obvious choice for making sturdy products, we choose aluminium. Thanks to our aluminium specialists, we create the first aluminium ceiling mounts for projectors. The previous success of our Professional 9000 Series for LCD/Plasma screens makes this an easy choice. This projector mount fits on the poles of this series, and hundreds of thousands of products are sold over the years. These mounts will receive various product design awards over
the years.



Birth of Vogel’s Professional

May 2002 – Birth of Vogel’s Professional

With the introduction of flat screens, traditional poster signage in public areas moves to digital signage. To accommodate this new trend, Vogel’s introduces a whole new modular range of flat screen ceiling mounts — the 9000 Series. Vogel’s takes its first big step into the professional AV market with this Aluminium Award winning product, and sets up a dedicated team for the Professional market.



Gas spring mountsOctober 2001 – Gas spring mounts

At the turn of the century, flat screens become a big hit, but they also weigh a lot. In 2001, a flat screen weighs 10 to 20 times more than those that will appear just 10 years later. Making screens move is in our DNA so, to make what we now consider the ‘dinosaurs’ of flat screens move, we create heavy duty flat screen mounts with a gas spring mechanism. This lets us move screens that weigh as much as a teenager with just the touch of a finger. Receiving the Dutch Design Award really underlines the
innovation of this product.


 Vogel’s introduces the Silver Line product range

1998 – Vogel’s introduces the silver line product range

There are more silver coloured TVs on the market and interior design is becoming more and more important for consumers. Vogel’s recognises this trend and launches the Silver Line of CRT flat screen mount. This is also the year we celebrate our 25th anniversary.



Vogel’s again at the IFA in Berlin

September 1997 – Vogel’s at the IFA in Berlin  

In 1997 we introduce our Evolution Series to Berlin at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) – the world’s largest consumer electronics trade fair – together with our German distributor.



Evolution Series

September 1996 – Breakthrough with Evolution Series

Looking back, the introduction of Vogel’s Evolution, a modular system for CRT TVs, is the stepping stone to the enormous global expansion of Vogel’s. This special design which features plastic covers, is a revolution in its time and becomes a benchmark for the category. We are the first to come with this modular system, which integrates the TV, cable covers and AV equipment to create a clean look. Our specially shaped round floor  displays for the Evolution Series are very successful. Another example of how we create new value through innovation....



Vogel's exports to russia

1995 – Vogel’s starts exporting to Russia 

In 1995 a Russian company visits Vogel’s and Gerdi Vogel takes them on a tour of the company. She receives the first sales order from Russia, and we start delivering our products to this huge country. This is one of our first steps into the Eastern European market.



 Birth of Havoned

May 1994 – The birth of Havoned 

In order to maintain and expand our position in the Dutch market, a separate sales organisation called Havoned is established. Although many people think this stands for Harry Vogels Nederland, the name is actually an abbreviation for Handelsonderneming, Vogel’s Nederland (Vogel’s Trade Organisation). This organisation builds a strong position in the Dutch market by distributing other AV brands, and even creates their own brands like the successful AV furniture brand of Dagetti.


First ceiling TV support

September 1991 – The first TV Ceiling Mount

These ceiling mounts are used to support CRT TVs and straps are frequently used to secure TVs into the support. The first Vogel’s ceiling support is embraced by hospitals and is one of  our first success stories in the professional market.



First commercial floor display

1986 June – The first commercial floor display

This year we develop the first floor display for our CRT television wall mounts. By demonstrating the quality of our products, we convince consumers to buy our mounts. Retailers welcome this sales support and the display is found in many shops throughout the Netherlands.



Vogel's in the USA

1984 – First exports to the US 

 In 1984 we take our first step across the Atlantic.Our products are now sold in the US via a distributor in Miami.


Famous artist adapts Vogel’s wall mount


September 1983 – A famous artist adapts a Vogel's wall mount 

In 1983 a famous Dutch female singer, let’s call her ‘Dynamite’, orders a wall mount for her bedroom. A unique white TV mount is specifically created to match her décor.



Introduction of Vogel’s audio adaptors

1982 – The introduction of Vogel’s Audio Adaptors

Proving that we’re not only proficient in the field of wall mounts for CRT TVs or loudspeakers, we begin introducing audio adaptors. These products compensate for shortcomings in stereo products, and allow you to select and fit other hi-fi equipment to your original stereo system — think of products like switching units or ultrasonic receivers. The product folder is even handmade by Harry Vogels at a camping spot in Domburg with youngster Marcel helping with product assembly in his free time.



First counter display

June 1979 – First counter display

Harry Vogels’ marketing skills are revealed when he develops the first counter display for his speaker mount. This piece of marketing material adds to the success of these products and helps the retail market to explain the product to consumers.



Exporting to our Eastern neighbours

1978 – Exporting to our Eastern neighbours

In 1978 we present our products to the German public for the first time at a trade fair.
At first there is not much interest, but then a representative from our current German distributor helps Harry to sell our first speaker mount in Germany.



First Vogel’s TV support

June 1978 – First Vogel’s TV Support

Today the Vogel’s brand is synonymous with TV mounts, but back in 1978 we were known for our loudspeaker brackets. In 1978 we launch our first TV support arms (TVB 130 and 360); now a CRT TV can be placed on the support and rotated to face any desired position.



First loudspeaker floor stand

February 1977 – The first Loudspeaker Floor Stand

The argument that the best height for speakers is at ear level paves the way for the success of Vogel’s BEK 100, but not everyone wants to drill holes in their walls to do this. To get around this issue, Vogel’s designs and launches the first-ever adjustable loudspeaker floor stand, the VE 2521, ‘The ideal match for your loudspeakers’.
The angle and height of the speakers creates the perfect listening triangle for music lovers, and prevents sound from being absorbed by floor covering.





Minor 5 – From soup spoons to loudspeaker support

1974 – Minor 5 – From soup spoons to Speaker Mounts

The BEK 100 speaker mount is a big hit as a support for larger loudspeakers, but there are also smaller speakers on the market. This is a good reason to add a new loudspeaker support for speakers weighing 5 kilograms or less. Harry constructs the first prototypes from two soup spoons borrowed from his wife Henny, and toy parts borrowed from his children, Gerdi and Marcel.


BEK 100 – where it all started for Vogel’s Products

May 1973 – The BEK 100 Speaker Mount –
Where it all started for Vogel’s

It’s 1973 and Harry Vogels is determined to create the perfect acoustics for listening to his favourite music from Fats Domino and James Last, but he doesn’t have a way to hang a loudspeaker on the wall. At a time when people are putting their loudspeakers on the floor, side tables or on the windowsill,  Harry thinks of a way to mount a loudspeaker on the wall in order to get the best acoustics possible. He could then turn the speaker to the ideal listening position as he wished. And so the BEK 100 loudspeaker mount was born.

After showing his product to stores, the sales orders start rushing in. The retail sector quickly embraces his new wall-mounted loudspeaker support, and just a few months after showing it to stores, he is an entrepreneur. The product is soon to be found in thousands of homes and stays in the Vogel’s assortment for more than 30 years.