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Tech Tips


Most displays have a black back, which looks best when you attach a black display adapter. Vogel’s offers a modular system for its display mounts which makes it possible to choose black or silver color for each separate component of the mounting system.

What color ceiling extension?

In general, a silver extension tube goes best with a white or lightly colored ceiling. For black or dark colored ceilings, it’s better to choose a black extension tube

Installing on slanted ceilings

The PFA 9010 ceiling plate is designed to be installed on both flat and slanted ceilings. With one ceiling plate you have a solution for both types of ceilings.

Drilling for the most secure installation

Drilling a hole with the right diameter and depth is the key to installing the most secure ceiling or wall mount. If the hole is too large, the plug can come loose. If the hole is too small, it can cause fractures in the bolt. Do never make a too small hole wider with the same drill instead use a larger drill of the right size. Tip: blow into the hole through a hose or straw to get rid of extra grit, but make sure to wear eye protection.

Plaster work on ceilings and projector lift systems

When installing a lift system in a plastered ceiling, make sure that the plaster is not filled in completely around the lift plate. Always make sure that a service opening is left in the plaster work so that you can access the lift if needed.

Stacking displays above each other on one extension tube

Several displays can be easily stacked on a vertical extension tube using tilt & turn units, the PFA 9001, PFA 9002 or PFA 9030. Simply mount them above each other on a standard 60 mm wide Vogel’s PFA tube.

20 x 20cm display mounting pattern

The 20 x 20 cm mounting pattern is being used more frequently for displays. The FAU 3125 adapter has been specially made for this hole pattern.

What mount do I need for my display is the most complete and up-to-date fitment database in the world. You can access the flatscreenfitter via It shows fitment for all professional mounts.

Displays in Landscape or Portrait position

With the modular display adapters, FAU 3125 and FAU 3150, both display positions are covered so you do not need two different mounting systems. The display can be positioned in portrait or landscape mode and it is very easy to change modes.

Drilling in round poles made easy

Vogel’s has made drilling in the round PFA extension poles easy for you. A special drill groove has been placed in the side of the poles as a marker point for your drill bit. When you are using the PFA 9010 ceiling plate, it is even easier to drill because of the integrated pre-drill pattern. These are real time saving features.

Use PFT 2100 trolley as a stand or cart

The PFT 2100 trolley comes with wheels to use it as a cart and with four leveling feet to use it as a stationary floor stand.

Extra height adjustment for FAU 3150 display interface

The mounting strips of the FAU 3150 can be positioned at different heights on the basic mounting plate. This is giving you extra flexibility in positioning the display at different heights.

Wall mounts with theft delaying lock

Anti-theft lock options are available for the PFW 920/930, PFW 5000 and PFW 9000 series. The modular PFW 910 wall mount is so flat to the wall that the PFA 9008 anti-theft lock will not fit.

FAU 3150 display interface includes 2 sizes of mounting strips

The display interface FAU 3150 includes a set of short and long mounting strips. With this you can pick the best fitting and best looking strips for your display.

Turn and tilt units also fit on floor poles

The turn and tilt units, PFA 9001, PFA 9002 and PFA 9030, will fit on any metal 60 mm pole. This makes it very easy to make your own custom solution based on a standard 60mm pole, eg. for exhibitions or trade shows. Be careful with the length of the poles and weight of the display when you design a custom solution. Ceiling to floor use is also easy, even with multiple units on one pole. For this set-up, use PFA 9028 as the floor and ceiling mounting plate.