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Vogel’s introduces pop-out mounts for faster, easier video walls

Now it’s easier than ever to create and maintain a seamless video wall

Pop out video wall mount


Eindhoven, the Netherlands, January 2013 - Creating and maintaining a video wall can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Displays need to be placed close to each other and carefully aligned in several directions. Each extra adjustment adds to the installation time. Maintenance can be time-consuming as well. Installers often have to remove several displays to get to the one that needs attention. Vogel’s Professional introduces two video wall solutions for professional displays that make it easier to create a seamless video wall and service it as needed.

Compact video wall for seamless longer-term installations 
Vogel’s PFT 58xx wall plates and PFW 5905 interface strips offer an easy to install solution to create a compact video wall. It’s ideal for a video wall in studios and conference centres that will remain in place for a longer period of time. This modular concept offers different lengths of interface wall plates from 800 to 3300 mm and 500 mm interface strips to create virtually any video wall set-up required. A built-in levelling function makes it very easy to level the interface wall plate to create a seamless result. It has a built-in service position which allows easy access to cables. Individual displays can be easily removed for maintenance or replacement. 

Pop-out mount video wall system for faster short-term installations
For installers that need to frequently build up and break down a video wall for trade shows, conferences or other public areas, Vogel’s now offers pop-out video wall modules (PFW 6870). These make it very easy to install and service video walls. Custom spacers are available for most of the pop-out modules, so no more measuring and calculating is required. The unique top-adjustable display mounting strips save even more time. They provide alignment along the x-y and z axis to ensure all displays can be exactly levelled and aligned. 

To service the video wall, installers simply press on the display and the spring-loaded mechanism will release and push the display forward. All parts can be reached without moving other displays. The pop-out mechanism also has a tilt service position which creates even more space to install other displays and work on them when needed.