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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I want to buy Vogel’s products directly from the factory. Is this possible?

A: No, Vogel’s is represented in over 80 countries through exclusive importers. They are able to provide local support to you in your own language, give advice and hold stock. This ensures you are buying the right product at the right price with the best possible service and availability.



Q: How do I know which interface is the right one for the display I want to install?

A: The fitment of the PFB 34xx bars is determined by the horizontal VESA, the fitment of the PFS 33xx strips is determined by the vertical VESA.

Q: The weight and VESA of my display is within the specifications of the selected product, but the size is not. Can I use the mount anyway?

A: The VESA and weight specifications must always be adhered to. In many cases the product can be used with larger than suggested displays. However, in some situations this may compromise the features of the product – for example using a larger display may limit the amount of turn that a wall mount is capable of, and using a larger display than specified on a PFW 5xxx Series wall mount may hinder access to the anti-theft locking bar. In case you are in doubt, please check with your local supplier and/or use our Pro-AV Mount advisor.

Q: According to the weight specifications, I can use the single pole Connect-it Floor solutions. Is this solution stable enough?

A: Weight is the leading factor when choosing between the large and extra-large solutions. However, for monitors > 65" we strongly recommend using the XL solutions for stability, particularly for touch screens applications.


Video Wall

Q: What kind of solutions Video Wall solutions do Vogel’s offer?

A: The basic video wall mounting system, pop-out video wall modules and the modular Connect-it system for floor and ceiling solutions.

Q: Which configurations are possible? What is the maximum possible size?

A: There are no limitations. Any configuration or size is possible. Vogel’s video wall solutions are have been used for many applications from single array and 2x2 solutions all the way up to 10x10 walls and beyond.

Q: When do you advise using the pop-out video wall modules?

A: For built-in or recessed video wall installations, when narrow bezel displays are used or when very exact alignment is needed. Vogel’s video wall pop-out modules offer 3D fine-tuning.

Q: I am interested in your video wall products. Is there a place where I can see how these mounts need to be installed? And what the difference is between the different solutions you offer?

A: Vogel's Professional has a YouTube channel ( On this channel you will find product videos that explain the features and benefits of all Vogel’s video wall solutions.


Video conferencing 

Q: What kind of solutions does Vogel’s offer?

A: Special video conferencing (VC) furniture as well as modular solutions to create VC stands or trolleys and of course our range of wall mounts

Q: When should I use VC furniture and when do I use a modular stand or trolley?

A: Vogel’s VC furniture is specifically designed for VC purposes and is very stylish. A Red Dot design Award is the international proof for this. The furniture does have small wheels but for real mobile solutions the modular solutions are the perfect option, because of the bigger wheels. The modular stands are ideal for when mobility is less important.

Q: Why should I use a Vogel’s VC loudspeaker?

A: There are very few, good VC loudspeakers on the market. For this reason Vogel’s developed a VC loudspeaker especially for speech reproduction. The sound quality is optimized for the VC environment and we believe there is no better solution available today. Try them yourself!


Desk mounts 


Q: You have desk mounts with a gas spring, but the other versions are cheaper. Which one should I buy?

A: All Vogel’s desk mounts are height adjustable. The models with a pole and arm are meant for fixed workstations, meaning the same person sits at the same desk every day. If you have a flexible workstation where you share your desk with others, like at a reception desk or in a 24 hour control room situation, we strongly advise the gas sprung models. The gas spring balances the weight of the monitor which means the height is easily adjusted using just your finger-tips while sitting behind your desk.  

Q: What is the maximum thickness for a desk in order to be able to mount a Vogel’s desk mount ?

A: The maximum thickness is 83 mm.



Q: I installed my projector with a Vogel’s mount 5 years ago. I am very happy with the mount but now I need to replace the projector. Can I re-use the mounting system?

A: Yes, you can re-use the complete mounting solution if your new projector fits the specifications or you can use the new PPC 1500 projector mount with its fine-tune mechanism and attach it to the existing pole and ceiling plate.