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White TV wall mounts


Mount your TV on the wall with a white Vogel’s TV wall mount WALL 2345 white TV wall mount


If you love the clean, modern look of white, you can now complement your flat screen TV with a white TV wall mount from Vogel’s. The WALL 2225, WALL 2325, WALL 2245 and WALL 2345 black TV wall brackets are now also available in white. White continues to be an important trend for interior design.

And more consumers choose white and light coloured TVs, so they also want to be able to choose the same style of mount for their flat screen TV.





White TV wall mount from Vogel's


White is always in style 

White is the most commonly used colour in interior design, creating a peaceful and elegant ambience and forming a stunning contrast with bright accents. We know that TV wall mounts aren’t simply appliances, but also need to be harmonious with your existing interior design.

That is why the Vogel’s WALL 2225, WALL 2325, WALL 2245 and WALL 2345 TV wall mounts are now available in white. 




Vogel's WALL WHITE TV Wall Brackets

White TV wall mount - packaging

With an ultra thin plate and high gloss white finish, Vogel’s WALL line makes every flat screen TV look great – any way you look at. These wall mounts (WALL 2225 WHITE, WALL 2245 WHITE, WALL 2325 WHITE, WALL 2345 WHITE) have been designed for flat screen televisions with a neutral coloured casing and for clean & white interior designs.

With the new Vogel’s double arm WALL products you can turn your TV left or right, up to 180 degrees and tilt up to 20 degrees.

The new single arm turnable wall mounts can turn your TV up to 120 degrees and tilt up to 20 degrees. A tilt function brings your TV smoothly into position and returns to its home position with one simple move.  




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