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TMM 125 - Tablet Flex Mount


Always Ready to Give You a Hand

Our Tablet Flex Mount holds your tablet securely to the wall. At Vogel’s, we use our tablets everywhere, even in the kitchen, so we can enjoy them to the fullest. Our designers drew upon their extensive experience in developing robust and turnable wall mounts to create this flexible tablet mount. The TMM 125 is perfect for using your tablet in the kitchen. It won’t take up counter space and it keeps your tablet safe from splatters.

Key benefits:
  • 3 turning points to create optimal viewing angle
  • High grade polished aluminium

To use in the kitchen, combine the Tablet Flex Mount with a Vogel’s Tablet Holder. You can also enjoy your tablet while relaxing in the tub with our Tablet Wall Pack, to keep passengers entertained in the backseat of the car with our Tablet Car Pack or to have your GPS in the car with our Tablet Dashboard Pack.

Your Tablet at the Right Height

Our Tablet Flex Mount easily attaches your tablet to the wall, cupboard or other handy spot where it’s easy to see and use. Just clip the Vogel’s Tablet Holder to your tablet and snap it securely to the stylish Flex Mount with our clever RingO technology. The flexible arm lets you extend, rotate and tilt your tablet to the perfect viewing position. Now you can look up a recipe, watch a cooking video or catch up on your favourite TV programme in the kitchen.

With Vogel’s TMM 125 Tablet Flex Mount, your tablet becomes the perfect foodie and entertainment gadget for the kitchen. Save space, protect your tablet and always have it ready to give you a hand.

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Number of pivot points 3
Tilt 90°
Main Color Silver/Aluminium
Guarantee Life time
Adjustable depth Yes