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Sonos Wall Brackets



Vogel's offers wall brackets for Sonos PLAY:1 and Sonos PLAY:3. As these speakers are available in black and white, we created wall brackets in black and white to match your Sonos speaker.


Sonos PLAY:3

Sonos Wall Brackets for PLAY:1 and PLAY:3

Mount your Sonos PLAY:1 or PLAY:3 speaker anywhere on the wall with Vogel's speaker brackets. Thanks to the swivel (70 degrees) and tilt (30 degrees) functionality you can easily adjust your speaker. The built-in spirit level makes sure that your Sonos wall bracket is mounted perefectly straight.





Sonos PLAY:1Get more out of your Sonos speaker

Mount your speaker vertically or horizontally, in any covenient spot in your home. Position your Sonos speaker with one hand, thanks to the wall bracket's feather-light movement and tilt and swivel functionality.






easy installationEasy installation

We put a lot of effort in making the installation of Sonos wall brackets hassle free. The brackets are packaged with all necessary mounting materials, such a bolts, screws and Fischer® plugs. And we provide clear mounting instructions and installation videos on our YouTube channel.




Harry VogelsThe first speaker wall bracket… it's in our DNA

Over 40 years ago the founder of Vogel's, Harry Vogel's, designed and developed the first speaker wall bracket. Harry was determined to find the best acoustics for his beloved jazz music. He thinks of a way to mount a loudspeaker on the wall in order to get the best acoustics possible. And so the first wall bracket for speakers was born, called the BEK 100.

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