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Vogel’s introduces new wall mounts for XXL displays

Stable and secure support for very large and heavy flat displays 

 Vogel's Professional XXL TV wall mount

Eindhoven, the Netherlands, January 2013 - Vogel’s Professional introduces the new PFW 6800 series of wall mounts with a full range of functionality for XXL LCD/plasma displays of up to 103 inches and 227 kg.  This new series offers turn, tilt, reach and even rotate functionality for very large displays. These heavy duty mounts are constructed for professional use in airports, shopping centres, trade shows, and other public venues and residential use. 

Unique range of flexibility for XXL displays
Vogel’s PFW 6851, PFW 6852 and PFW 6855 provide extra positioning flexibility with turn, tilt and reach functionality for screens ranging from 37-82 inches that weigh from 136-227 kg. Vogel’s PFW 6852 can be turned up to 90 degrees, making it very practical for large displays mounted on a corner that need to face in different directions. 360 degrees rotating for digital signage use is possible with the Vogel’s PFW 6854 wall mount. Ultra flat wall mounting  including turn, tilt and reach functionality is possible with the only 38 mm deep PFW 6850

Custom solutions for Panasonic XXL displays
Several new custom wall mounts have been designed to create a seamless fit with Panasonic 85 inch and 103 inch displays. Vogel’s PFW 6830/6831 are designed for flat wall mounting, PFW 6856/6857 offer turn, tilt an , reach functionality. They can also be rotated 90 degrees from landscape to portrait position.