Impact Nation sustainability challenge

100-day challenge

In 2020 Vogel’s gets enthused to participate in the Innovation challenge of Impact Nation. A global initiative to help companies with the practical side of making their business more sustainable. Impact Nation offers a 100-day program to solve the most urgent sustainability challenge.


As people, but also as a company, we are faced with a challenge to improve our sustainable performance. Sustainability, circular entrepreneurship are market demands nowadays! For Vogel's it is important that sustainability is embedded in our future strategy. But accelerating the sustainability shift is no easy task.

100-day challenge programme at a glance

Impact nation challenge 2020 | Vogel's Impact nation challenge 2020 | Vogel's

100-day host

Impact Nation, a subsidiary of ABN AMRO Bank N.V. teams up with TNW and ImpactHub Amsterdam to host the 100-day challenge. A total of eight companies, including Vogel's, have been selected to participate in the first Impact Nation project. An important part of the challenge is to link the participating companies to sustainable start-ups all over the world. By sharing knowledge together, it is possible to innovate together. Throughout the entire process, Impact Nation provides guidance and support for the practical implementation in the organization of the participating companies. Working together with a sustainable start-up is a great opportunity for our company.

Challenge statement

How might we decrease the carbon footprint of Vogel's products by replacing, recycling and re-using materials without hampering the high quality and design

Following the introduction period, a selection procedure takes place for start ups to join the challenge and by organised brainstorm sessions the challenge becomes clear. Although hampered by the Corona pandemic, the 'challenge statement' is swiftly formulated for Vogel’s. As far as we are concerned, it is broad theme to form innovative ideas, but also concrete enough to give us practical tools.

A perfect match

Subsequently, interested start-ups sign up for the challenge. Out of several proposed companies Vogel’s chooses to work with start-up that is USA based. A renewable bioproducts company located in the San Francisco Bay Area that strives to be the global leader in the bio-manufacturing revolution. Both companies headthe challenge with enthusiasm and professionalism in bi-weekly online sessions.

Impact nation challenge 2020 | Vogel's Impact nation challenge 2020 | Vogel's

Biodegradable alternative for plastic

When it is time to experiment with biodegradable alternatives for plastic we meet up with Dutch supplier GL Plastics b.v. to produce a prototype of the plastic covers we so often use with our wall mounts.   

The elaboration and completion of the challenge ends with an online case presentation. No live demonstrations or end ceremony due to COVID-19 but we can conclude that joining the 'Impact Nation' challenge on sustainability brings out the best in both colleagues, partners as suppliers. The prototype samples of covers with biodegradable materials are magnificent and we will further investigate a future roadmap for using these alternatives for plastic.

We believe in a sustainable future. With every small step or big ideas we make it more tangible and concrete. Vogel's aims to reduce its footprint on the planet and we will continue to work on that. Gerdi Vogels - CEO Vogel's