Denon Speaker Brackets & Stands

To enjoy your speakers to the fullest, you need to direct the sound to your ears. With our speaker brackets and stands you can do that in no time.
Find the right solution for your living situation below.

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  1. TV brand: HEOS
  1. Colour: White
SOUND 5201 Speaker Wall Mount for Denon HEOS 1 (white)

SOUND 5200 Speaker wall bracket for HEOS 1 & 3

Point your HEOS speakers to your ears. Comes with integrated spirit level.

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SOUND 5313 Speaker Stand for Denon HEOS 1 / HEOS 3 (white)

SOUND 5300 Speaker floor stand for HEOS 1 & 3

Raise your HEOS speakers to ear level. Comes with integrated power cord.

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SOUND 3205 Speaker Wall Mount (white)

SOUND 3205 Speaker wall bracket

To mount large multi-room speakers. Fits HEOS 5 & 7 and Sonos PLAY:5.

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SOUND 3305 Speaker Stand (white)

SOUND 3305 Speaker floor stand

Raise large multi-room speakers to ear level. Fits HEOS 5 & 7 and Sonos PLAY:5.

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