NEXT 7346 Full-Motion OLED TV Wall Mount

The very best in wall mount technology

Find a mount for your TV
  • Guide your cables
  • Screen Protection System - Protect your TV from bumping into the wall
  • Smart Movement Mechanism - Move your TV with only the touch of a fingertip
  • Stylish high-end design
  • The very best view from anywhere in the room

Discover the distinct qualities of the new NEXT 7346. OLED TVs are extremely thin and fragile. That's why Vogel's has designed special OLED wall mounts with an ultra-flexible turning mechanism. This allows you to turn your OLED TV effortlessly without causing any damage to it. It gives you the perfect view of your television, no matter where you are in the room.

Mount your TV to the wall with this flexible Vogel's TV mount. Unlike conventional televisions, OLED televisions, such as LG OLEDs, are equipped with a special (VESA) mounting system at the back. If you would like to make your OLED TV and TV mount a single unit, choose the NEXT 7346. Your OLED television will become even more of an eye-catcher in your interior.

Elegance and flexibility in one TV wall mount

Vogel's NEXT 7346 is designed to endure. It has a clean bold look with graceful lines that creates a unique setting for a TV. It folds effortlessly against the wall, leaving a minimal amount of space between the mount and the wall. It glides effortlessly away from the wall and turns up to 120 degrees. When we created this mount, we put a great bit of Vogel's legacy in it. We included our Screen Protection System, which we invented a few years ago. It protects your OLED TV from bumping into the wall.

The NEXT Series offers the Smart Movement Mechanism, a patented invention that ensures that you can turn your screen towards you in an instant. In view of the extremely thin, and therefore slender construction of the OLED screens, this is a valuable addition from the Vogel's wall bracket.

Create a clean look by concealing your cables from sight with the Vogel's patented Cable Inlay System.

Check compatibility by entering your TV brand and model. The model number is usually displayed on a sticker at the back of the TV. For example: 'LG OLED55C7V'

Additional installation materials are needed to install this screen. Click here to request the Vogel's Service / Adaptor Kit . !

NEXT 7346 Full-Motion OLED TV Wall Mount

The very best in wall mount technology

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    TÜV NORD is an independent certification authority for products and manufacturing processes. They carry out independent quality and safety tests and are recognized globally as the label of excellent quality. All certified products for professional use are tested to carry at least 5 times the indicated weight without collapsing (deformation is possible).

    Specifications For NEXT 7346 Full-Motion OLED TV Wall Mount

    TÜV certified
    Min. screen size (inch)
    Max. screen size (inch)
    Hole pattern (VESA)
    • 300 mm x 200 mm
    • 400 mm x 200 mm
    Min. distance to the wall (mm)
    Max. distance to the wall (mm)
    Max. weight load (kg)
    Motion (up to 120°)
    Cable management
    Cable management integrated in arm, Cable velcro
    Product size

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