TV viewing habits

A study

People prefer to watch live sports and news broadcasts

In general people are growing increasingly accustomed to watching films, TV series and programmes whenever it suits them. Internet and streaming services have completely changed the way people watch television. We are becoming less dependent 

on TV channel programming and are free to decide for themselves when they watch a TV series or programme. But they still prefer to watch sports and news programmes live.

Sound familiar?

Watching TV while eating Watching TV while eating

TV dinner on a tray

A majority of people prefer to watch TV in the evening. Sometimes, a television will be turned on in the morning to catch the news, but most TV is watched in the evening. And many people also like to eat while watching their favourite programmes and it's quite common to have dinner on a tray in front of the TV, or to turn the TV towards the dinner table. But the TV usually gets switched off when children are at the table.

Watching TV together Watching TV together

Watching TV together

It's nice to spend time watching TV and we still prefer to share that time with others. Entertainment programmes, shows and series are the most popular programmes to watch together. In general we find it less important to have company when watching news and sports programmes.

Internet and streaming services Internet and streaming services

Internet and streaming services are incredibly popular

Nowadays, people watch more TV via the internet or streaming services. They prefer to watch live broadcasts of current events and sports, but TV shows, series and films are usually watched via the internet or streaming services. And they want to decide for themselves when and for how long to watch them.

Netflix streaming services Netflix streaming services

Current events and entertainment score the highest marks

Of all the programmes available, current events and entertainment programmes score the highest marks. Thanks to internet and streaming possibilities, foreign TV series and films are more popular than ever before. 

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