Smart AV accessories

Make connectivity easy

We all use electronic devices to watch, listen and play content, everyday. That goes for both your brand new flatscreen TV as well as that long cherished stereo set, VHS player or legacy game console. Combining these devices into a single system creates an even richer AV experience. 

That’s why we make it easier for you to bring these worlds together. And like our mounting solutions seamlessly merge screens into your home, Vogel’s Smart AV Accessories (SAVA) merge innovation with familiarity. 

Don’t replace anything; simply embrace everything

We have SAVA products in four sub-categories: convert, connect, stream and control. They come with everything you need for hassle-free installation and use, including extra-long cables. All carry the Vogel’s ‘Quality Signature’; your assurance of reliability, ease of use, design, innovation and ease of Installation.

CONNECT makes connectivity easy

CONTROL keeps you in control

Smart AV accessories CONNECT | Vogel's Smart AV accessories CONNECT | Vogel's
Smart AV accessories CONTROL | Vogel's Smart AV accessories CONTROL | Vogel's

That cable spaghetti behind your electronic devices… sounds familiar? With Vogel’s Smart AV products for connecting we reduce that spaghetti to a single three-meter slimline HDMI cable. It simultaneously connects multiple devices. Looks tidy and makes your TV wall mount even easier to handle.

Hiding your electronic devices in a cabinet will keep the room tidy. But out of sight does not mean out of control. With our SAVA products for control you can operate almost any brand of AV equipment over a distance. Even through closed cabinet doors.

CONVERT takes the hassle out of connecting devices

STREAM takes the experience anywhere you want

Smart AV accessories CONVERT | Vogel's Smart AV accessories CONVERT | Vogel's
Smart AV accessories STREAM | Vogel's Smart AV accessories STREAM | Vogel's

There are many audio and video formats, cables and connectors out there. With Vogel’s Smart AV Accessories for converting, you can switch back and forth between analogue and digital signal formats to keep your faithful vintage equipment active, and enjoy your latest electronic devices to the fullest. 

Sometimes, you want to watch or listen in a different place to where your electronic device is. Or you’d like to enjoy the sound in private without disturbing others. Vogel’s Smart AV Accessories for streaming let you send high-definition audio wirelessly to headphones, stereo set or TV around the house.

Don’t replace anything

simply embrace everything