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Vogel’s introduces new Video conferencing furniture

Stylish mounting solutions for video conferencing

February 2015 - Video conferencing is booming!
Video conferencing solutions are widely accepted by businesses, organizations and educational institutions throughout the world. Vogel’s is capitalizing on this trend and introduces complete new stylish Video conferencing furniture during ISE 2015!

PVF 4112
A stylish video conferencing furniture suitable for larger displays from 55 ̎  up to 70 ̎ or dual displays 2x 46 ̎ up to 65 ̎. Next to the excellent design the furniture has a lot of useful features:
•  Removable front panel                
•  Lockable cabinet
•   Interior: 2x 19 ̎ rack
•  Central space for power socket

PVW 4012
A stylish video conferencing cabinet which can be combined with our Connect-it wall system. The height adjustable feet make it possible to level the product. The lockable front gives easy access to the electronic equipment and the power socket.

Video conferencing loudspeakers (PVA 4206, PVA 4210 and PVA 4216)
Video conferencing loudspeakers are especially developed for video conferencing and for the most natural reproduction of spoken sound. The loudspeakers are equipped with a patented filter technology which produces unparalleled, clear (vocal) sound reproduction. Because of this special filter technology the sound reaches much deeper into the room, even at low volumes, than conventional loudspeakers. The 40W built in digital amplifier gives the speakers a powerful output.

Camera and loudspeaker holders (PVA 5050 and PVA 5070)
With the Vogel’s PVA 5050 or 5070 a video conferencing camera and or a loudspeaker can be mounted on any Connect-it  interface bar. The camera or loudspeaker can be positioned above or below the display. This holder can also be positioned off-center. The PVA 5050 can be used for displays from 40 to 55 inch. For bigger displays we advise to use the PVA 5070.