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Get more out of your Sonos speakers

Vogel's wall brackets and floor stands for Sonos 


Create great acoustics for every size and shape of room

Eindhoven, May 2015. Vogel’s designers have gone back to their roots to create the new SOUND line of speaker wall mounts and floor stands, especially for Sonos speakers. This versatile line gives music lovers more flexibility to create the best acoustics in any size or shape of room. They are the ideal way to save space and enjoy music to the fullest.

 Get more out of your Sonos speakers

 Vogel’s SOUND line now offers a range of speaker supports to enhance the listening experience, including a wall mount and floor stand designed especially for the popular Sonos PLAY: 1 and PLAY: 3 speakers. SOUND products are made of luxurious materials and come in two colours to match the speaker.


Space saving wall mounts



It used to be a speaker had to be positioned at ear level for the best acoustics. Now with Vogel’s wall mounts for Sonos, people can hang their speakers at the most convenient spot on the wall. With its featherlight movement, the speaker can be easily tilted up to 30° or turned up to 70° to the best listening position. These wall mounts take up very little space and fit seamlessly with any décor, whether they are placed high or low on a wall, in or out of view. The ideal way to save space and enjoy music to the fullest. The following models are available:


Flexible floor stands

For people who want to avoid drilling holes in the wall, Vogel’s floor stands for Sonos are a great option for mounting a speaker. Simply place the speaker on the stand to create the best acoustics. The floorstand is 82 cm high so it is at ear level when people are seated. These floor stands are also very flexible. They can be easily moved to a different place when furniture is moved around. The following models are available:


Vogel’s – over 40 years of home enjoyment

The pursuit of great sound goes back to Vogel’s origins over 40 years ago. The company’s founder, Harry Vogels, created the first wall mount for a loudspeaker because he was determined to find the perfect acoustics for his beloved jazz music. Since then, Vogel’s has grown and expanded, but has always continued to focus on creating Audio/Video accessories that make people’s lives more comfortable and enjoyable.

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