The Quality Signature

There is a big difference between buying a mount or stand and choosing a Vogel’s. The first activity involves looking around. Searching for something that attaches a TV, loudspeaker, tablet or projector to the wall, ceiling or floor. But choosing a Vogel’s is something else altogether. It means you don’t simply want to mount a device to save space or keep it from falling on the ground. It signifies you’re not just looking for a piece of metal you want to hide behind a nicely designed TV, interactive tablet or high-end projector, but a smart solution that is just as much beautifully designed as it is functional. A product that carries a device, protects it and is easy to install. A stage for the entertainment or experience each device promises to deliver.

Thoughtfully crafted, a Vogel’s solution guarantees these 5 elements that define The Quality Signature:

✓ Ease-of-use

✓ Design

✓ Innovation

✓ Reliability

✓ Ease-of-installation

Meet the Vogel's family

We have assembled a close family of cutting edge machinery. Part of a production process unlike any other, they work together in perfect harmony to ensure that our products fit our hgihest standards. Discover how our state-of-the-art 'family members' contribute to Vogel's unparalleled quality standard.

Next level luxury

Hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand in Amsterdam has a rich history of uncompromised luxury. Entertainment is indispensable in providing an unparalleled guest experience. That’s why they selected Vogel’s and our award-winning, easy to use design to give guests full and intuitive control over the way they enjoy their TV.

Design in motion

The quality of design can be found in functionality and attention to detail. But also in the interaction with a product. During the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, five designers and artists worked together with Vogel’s to explore the role our TV plays in our lives. Is innovation focused on the product in our living room, or is it all about a comfortable user experience?

Ease of use

Vogel’s is all about comfortable user experiences. By this we don’t just mean the comfortable, smooth and flexible ease-of-use after installation. Ease-of-use starts at the moment of unboxing and never stops. Resulting in an intuitive, hassle-free use, ensuring our products to interact with you and your devices without compromise.


The quality of design is not just determined by the awards you win. (As we do.) Or by the attention to detail, put in every single element. (As our product developers do every day.) What separates ordinary from quality design, is that it doesn’t only make you feel great when you look at it, but also when you install and use it. That’s why the products we make, are designed to be in sync with your situation or interior as well as your intuitive use of devices.


Innovation fuels the quality of our future products. It sparks ideas for new user-friendly applications, ease of use and installation, features and details. We don’t think of innovation as something that changes everything. Just the things that help users enjoy their devices more. Also, innovation is never a goal in itself. Our goal is to innovate the new standard that you so quickly get used to. Because the best innovations feel as comfortable and logical as everything you already know, use and don’t have to think about. .


A reliable product by Vogel’s is not just a product you can count on to work flawlessly. (As you can.) Also, reliability is not just about maximum safety, or thoroughly testing a product and getting a TÜV certificate.  (As we do.) True reliability does not diminish over time, but increases every day. That’s why virtually all of our guarantees on consumer products are lifetime, and guarantees on our professional solutions vary from 2 to 5 years.


It goes without saying that the use of a Vogel’s product starts with its installation. Which is why ease-of-installation plays a vital part in developing and producing our products. For all of our easy-to-mount solutions, you can find clearly displayed mounting materials and an easy-to-understand manual, as well as short, insightful installation videos on our YouTube channel making the installation even easier. And when you still need service or answers, our Advice & Support team is always there for you!

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