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180° curved video wall

At Ghent University, automation is used to create production processes in the Digital Twin Control Room. Visualising this process can be of great value during the development and optimisation of the process. In the case of Ghent University, creating the ideal environment for this has been a major challenge. This is because it not only requires a way to visualise the map but also involves the creation of a lifelike and captivating way of adjusting and applying changes to the virtual model.

The solution was the Digital Twin Control Room, an impressive project by the Industrial Systems Engineering research group at Ghent University. This project was carried out in collaboration with Barco (displays), Axians (integration) and Vogel’s Professional (mounting solutions). You can read all about the solution in the case study below or watch the video. 

Digital Twin Control Room

In order to create the best solution for visualising the process, it was important to give the screens a 180-degree curve. There was one restriction, however, which was that anchoring the solution to the floor was not possible due to the heating elements in the flooring. Creating a special video wall with a 180-degree curve using these screens and the Universal Connect-it system posed an interesting challenge for Vogel’s. We were able to offer the customer the perfect solution using a dedicated “curved bar coupler” and the modular components from the Universal Connect-it system. A video from Barco below clearly demonstrates how this process was actually visualised.

What makes this project so unique?

The visualised process can be controlled with the help of touch screens on the table and a joystick. This clever technology boasts a video wall that is not wired to the physical automation process in any way and all of the content and assignments are carried out wirelessly. As the integrator, Axians has done an excellent job of creating a real-time visualisation.

Who co-ordinated the project?

The project was a result of a collaboration between BarcoAxians Audiovisual Belgium and Lucodex in collaboration with Vogel's Professional Nederland.

Quote from Professor J. Cottyn, Ghent University:

Translating a process into a visual experience requires a unique and innovative solution, which in turn requires unique components.

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