“Function and design are not mutually exclusive”

Beatriz Silveira

Design and creativity: we’re talking about Beatriz Silveira, renowned interior designer, who has made a name for herself as someone with a passion for antiques and special items. Every antique has a memory, which is why each of her designs includes a small treasure, a story to tell.

Beatriz Silveira Interiorismo knows that home décor is an essential part of our daily lives.

“Feeling comfortable and in harmony with your home is fundamental”. 
Beatriz Silveira.

Her designs feature flawless light management: they showcase airy décors in harmony with natural light. These are elegant, sophisticated projects that always emphasise the colour white, while also relying on innovation and elegance through intelligent creations that enhance both function and design, providing her clients with high-quality solutions.

Beatriz knows that balance and the careful selection of each piece is key. Everything has a what, a how and a when.

Committed to being thoroughly deserving of her clients' trust, she places vital importance on their lifestyle: she involves her clients in the project, particularly in her studio/showroom, a space where she meets with them and where each project is born. A space where sensitivity, innovation and consistent improvement are the keys to success.

Beatriz Silveira Interiorismo shares part of its space with us, thanks to Virginia Almenara, a well-known interior design photographer. An essential space in the heart of Madrid.

Beatriz Silveira Interiorismo’s commitment to aesthetics and functionality is reflected in the choice to incorporate one of Vogel's thinnest full motion TV mounts in the space, the slender and discreet design of which makes it possible to mount the TV in any part of the studio and move it to any angle to show projects to clients.