Get a great view for a flat TV that's placed above viewing height with the THIN 215 UltraThin wall mount. A handy way to mount a TV in your bedroom, living room,children's room and kitchen. This wall mount easily tilts your screen 15 degrees smoothly forward without interfering with cables for comfortable viewing. This mount is part of the Vogel's TILT products.

Gamers can play comfortably while lying on the floor with this tilt wall mount. You can keep your flat screen TV up and away from spatters in the kitchen. Or place your TV out of reach of small children in a bedroom. This TV wall mount is virtually invisible, with just 2 cm (0.8 inch) of space between the TV and the wall. A built-in spirit level and simple mounting instructions help you hang it perfectly straight. The mount tilts smoothly forward without interfering with cables. Suitable for screen sizes of 26 to 55 inch (66 to 140 cm) with a maximum screen thickness of 5 cm (2 inch).

Key benefits
  • Mount your TV as flat against the wall as possible
  • Tilt (up to 20°) to avoid reflections
  • Mount your TV only 2 cm from the wall
  • Install your mount perfectly level: spirit level included!

Check compatibility by entering your TV brand and model. The model number is usually displayed on a sticker at the back of the TV. For example: 'LG 55EG920V'

Additional installation materials are needed to install this screen. Click here to request the Vogel's Service / Adaptor Kit . !

THIN 215 UltraThin Tilting TV Wall Mount

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