Audio streaming without Bluetooth

It's really possible

No Bluetooth connection on your TV or headphones? Or would you like to stream music from your smartphone to your stereo speakers? Or connect two sets of headphones?

Simple solutions can offer a lot of extra convenience while still allowing you to enjoy your conventional AV equipment. The solution is within your reach. 

Bluetooth adapter

Okay, so if streaming music from your smartphone doesn't work straight away, how can you find a solution? The best option is to get a Bluetooth adapter. A Bluetooth audio receiver converts a digital audio signal into an analog audio signal. This allows you to 'talk' to your stereo or headphones without using Bluetooth.

A Bluetooth transmitter/receiver offers even more options

This product also works the other way around, converting analog signals into digital signals. This means that you can connect your old stereo set to your brand new wireless headphones.

Small size... big possibilities

A Bluetooth transmitter/receiver is the perfect solution and offers the most options. Using a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver you can turn any speaker set, music system or even car radio into a wireless music receiver. This saves you having to purchase a new, expensive sound system.

The Vogel’s SAVA 1001 is exactly this kind of Bluetooth transmitter/receiver. This versatile device streams audio via Bluetooth from your TV or smartphone to your digital Bluetooth headphones or stereo audio equipment. But it also streams music from your smartphone to your stereo set and then to your hi-fi stereo speakers, for example. 

The edge that Vogel’s Bluetooth transmitter/receiver has over others:

  • Suitable for digital and analog inputs and outputs
  • You can save up to 8 Bluetooth devices in its memory
  • You can connect 2 sets of headphones
  • The Bluetooth range is up to 15 metres
  • The RX mode allows you to connect your TV to headphones for high-quality sound 

A whole series of smart solutions

In addition to a Bluetooth adapter, Vogel’s also offers a range of other smart AV solutions. The Vogel's SAVA series consists of products that can be used to extend conventional devices, for example, or connect them to new technologies. This makes other options possible, such as a wireless connection to the TV or converting analog to digital connections. Make your valuable AV equipment compatible and enjoy it for even longer! The smart solutions from Vogel's are the answer.

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Audio streaming without Bluetooth