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The Vogel’s tablet holder is a true must-have

Flexible solutions for in the kitchen and bathroom


Eindhoven, October 2014 – Vogel’s, producer of wall mounts and mounting packs, gives new lease of life to the tablet. If you are smart, you can deploy the device in many more rooms in and around the house creatively and especially in the kitchen by mounting a Flex Mount. Daily routine tasks will again mean enjoyment with a Flex Mount.

The stylish Vogel's tablet holder is a gadget that must simply be part of a trendsetter's home. It will, for example, make cooking even more fun and easy for both hobby cooks and professional connoisseurs. That is just as well since we spend 41.5 minutes in the kitchen per day on average to ensure we produce a tasty meal. The tablet holder is a perfect must-have for those who are looking to be inspired when cooking using recipes, a cooking video or a TV programme or who simply want to sing along with their favourite songs when stirring a soup.


Vogel’s has developed a tablet holder that can be secured in no time at all to a wall or unit. This will ensure you can enjoy your tablet to the full extent while it is safe from splashes. The RingO mounting pack ensures It is suitable for all tablet brands. The device can be pulled, rotated and tilted without effort so that the user will always have a very sharp view of this kitchen aid.


Users do not only benefit in the kitchen of the Vogel's Flex Mount. A wall mount will also guarantee an evening of relaxed soaking in the bathtub. The tablet will be safely secured on to the wall without the user having to worry that it will become wet or that it may fall while enjoying a favourite song, TV programme or film. 


The stylish Vogel's tablet holder is suitable for all tablet brands ranging from 7 to 12" (15 to 22 cm) with a thickness between 0.5 cm to 1.3 cm. The holder has a mounting ring with Vogel's RingO technology and can, therefore, be clipped with one movement on a wall mount, flexible arm or a car or dashboard mount.