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Keep Your Flat TV Flat with an Ultra Thin TV Mount

Make your ultra-thin TV one with the wall. Get a clean, sleek look with our ultra-thin TV mounts for LCD, Plasma and LED televisions. They provide sturdy support with a lifetime guarantee. TURN, TILT and FLAT models are available.

Where to buy UltraThin mounts

Ultra thin TURN mount

Turn your LCD, Plasma or LED flat screen television out and away from the wall and watch TV from anywhere in the room. This ultra-thin TV bracket is perfect if you have the TV on in the background and also allows you to avoid any glare caused by bright lights.

TILT products

Ultra thin TILT mount

Tilt your LCD, Plasma or LED TV down for comfortable viewing. Ideal for a TV placed high on a wall, this ultra-thin TV mount is great for watching television in bed, removing the need to strain your neck in order to see the screen from a horizontal position.

Ultra thin FLAT mount

Flat stays flat with this ultra-thin TV mount. Maintain the stylish design of your home with this wall bracket, ideal for modern interiors and flat screen televisions in the bedroom, living room, children’s room or kitchen.

Where to buy

Vogel’s ultra-thin TV brackets are available to purchase from a variety of locations across the United Kingdom. To find your nearest store or online sales point, simply use the  Where to buy UltraThin mounts