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Put your Samsung TV up on the wall with a TV bracket

You’re the proud owner of a beautiful Samsung TV. But because you don’t know how you want to position your TV, it’s now standing on a TV cabinet or even still sitting in the box it came in. Don’t hesitate any longer: mount your Samsung TV on your wall with a Vogel’s TV wall bracket.

Let us list the benefits of using a Vogel’s TV wall bracket:

A TV wall bracket saves spacesA Vogel’s TV wall bracket saves space 

By mounting your Samsung TV on the wall, you can get rid of your TV cabinet, and enjoy more living space.




Optimal viewing pleasure with a tv wall bracketOptimal viewing pleasure

Watching TV is most comfortable if you’re sitting right in front of your TV. That gives you the best viewing angle to get the most out of your Samsung TV. A swivel TV wall bracket allows you to turn your TV for the best viewing angle, no matter where you’re sitting.



TV at eye level with a TV wall bracketYour Samsung TV at eye level

Most people dislike sitting in the first row in the cinema – after some time of looking up at the too-high screen, your neck starts to hurt. At home, you can install your Samsung TV at a height that’s ideal for you by using a Vogel’s TV wall bracket. Even at home, your TV cabinets or TV stands may be too high or too low, which is literally a pain in the neck. The ideal height for a TV is 10 cm above eye level when seated. With a Vogel’s TV wall bracket, you have the freedom to mount your Samsung TV at ideal viewing height.



TV wall bracket - tidy interiorSleek and tidy interior design

Most TV wall brackets leave only a few centimetres of space between your TV and the wall. This ensures a clean, tidy interior design. Mount your TV on the wall like a painting.




Safety TV wall bracketSafe

Accidents happen. Kids love to play indoors, and a ball or other toy could easily hit your TV. During a party, guests will brush past your Samsung TV. Your cat or dog may jump up against your TV if you’re watching a nature documentary. If your Samsung TV is standing on a shelf or cabinet, it can easily fall over, with all the consequences. A TV that’s safely mounted on a TV wall bracket won’t fall over or fall down.



lifetime guaranteeLifelong guarantee

We know that you are looking for a TV wall bracket that represents quality and longevity. To show you that we can deliver products with robust construction and stringent quality certification, most of our TV brackets are backed by a lifelong guarantee. That means your Vogel’s is future-proof.





Easy installation TV wall bracketEasy to install

Vogel’s makes it as easy as possible to mount your Samsung TV to the wall. Our TV wall brackets come mostly pre-assembled, and installation materials such as screws and Fischer® wall plugs are included. We also provide clear step-by-step installation manuals and access to installation videos. With certain products, we also provide a drilling template.




Which Vogel’s TV wall bracket do I need for my Samsung TV?

Use this simple tool to quickly and easily select the Vogel’s wall mounts that fit your Samsung TV.

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