PFA 9103 Floor plate for PUC 25xx

The PFA 9103 floor plate is part of the modular Connect-it system with which you can create your own floor/ceiling solution for medium- to large-sized displays.

Combine this floor plate with one of the Connect-it ceiling plates (PUC 1060/ 1070/ 1080), a pole from the Connect-it Series ( PUC 2508/ 2515/ 2530), a Connect-it interface bar (PFB 3402/ 3405/ 3407/ 3409/ 3411) and a Connect-it interface display strips (PFS 3302/ 3303/ 3304/ 3305/ 3306/ 3308/ 3311) for a complete floor/ceiling solution.

Additional installation materials are needed to install this screen. Click here to request the Vogel's Service / Adaptor Kit . !

PFA 9103 Floor plate for PUC 25xx

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5 years
Single pole or double pole
Single pole