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Professional mounting with a monitor mount

By securing your computer monitor to a Vogel's monitor mount, not only do you save space on your desk, but you can also adjust the monitor's position to precisely match your personal preferences. Day after day! Vogel's has a suitable monitor mount for every situation and budget. All mounts meet the stringent quality requirements that Vogel's places on its products.

The benefits of Vogel's monitor mounts

Flexible viewing height o The viewing height and distance from your display can be adjusted and set with ease. Your monitor can be adapted to suit your work posture, rather than the other way around. You can even choose to rotate the screen. A tidy desk o Vogel's solid monitor mounts have a special movable arm that takes up minimal space on your desk. Each monitor mount has a 3-point cable duct, allowing you to keep your cables neatly tucked away. Maximum range of movement o The moving arm on the monitor mount can be tilted and rotated in any direction, allowing colleagues to view along or to turn the display away from the sun. Multiple mounting options o The Flexmount allows you to install any monitor mount in up to 6 different ways without having to purchase extra accessories. This means that the Vogel's monitor mount will fit on virtually any desk.

Solid yet sophisticated

Vogel's mounts are designed for intensive, professional use. without compromising on design. The sophisticated appearance is suitable for any desk and any interior.

Prevent health problems

The stands that are typically supplied with computer monitors are often solid and offer little movement. This can often result in you adopting an uncomfortable posture, which could lead to health problems over time, such as neck and back complaints. These can be easily avoided by ensuring that your monitor is positioned correctly.

Which monitor mount do you need?

All Vogel's monitor mounts offer the possibility of setting your display to any position, to tilt it and to rotate it. Vogel's has a suitable mount for your monitor whatever your situation and budget.

The PFD 8541 and PFD 8453 models are equipped with an adjustable gas spring, making your display 'weightless' and allowing you to adjust its height with one finger. Different monitor mount models are available for different display weight classes.

Two displays on one monitor mount

If you use two displays and want to mount them both on a single monitor mount, the dual monitor adapter (PFA 9102) allows you to align two displays horizontally or vertically on a single Vogel's mount. The two displays will then move as one. The dual monitor adapter can hold two displays of up to 6 kg each and is compatible with any Vogel's monitor mount.

An adapter is also available that allows you to place two monitor mounts on a single connection point. This allows you to move the displays independently and saves space on your desk.

What's your ideal set-up? Consult the PRO-AV MOUNT ADVISOR

Desk mounts gas spring

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