How to connect your record player to your Sonos?

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Listening to your favourite music has never been so easy. Nowadays, we can stream data using a variety of services, such as Netflix and Spotify. But is there anything quite like the feel of a piece of vinyl and the light crackling of the needle coming down, perhaps after having been hidden away in the attic for years? Even the smell of an LP tells a unique story that rivals any playlist.

So, now you've decided to listen to those LPs from your dad or from your favourite band of the past, or from the last concert you attended. But how do you connect the record player? And is there anything you should know before you start?

We'll give you a hand!


Record player

Preamplifier (if not present)

Sonos PLAY:5, Sonos CONNECT or Sonos CONNECT:AMP

Installation time and level of difficulty: +/- 30 min, easy

Connecting Record player | Requirements

What about the connections? I don't see a USB connection and there's no mention of WiFi...

Let's take a step back in time. If you've dug out your record player from the attic then it's safe to assume that you have an analogue record player. In most cases, these are equipped with two tulip connections (black/red).

Preamp or no preamp?

 Having a record player that is equipped with a (internal) preamp is essential to playing your music through your Sonos system. If this is not the case, then you will need a separate preamp to link the needle and the speakers. For this you will need to find a separate preamp (module) that has a 3.5 mm line input (AUX), in order to connect to your Sonos system.

An adapter can be used to connect a preamp with tulip output to an aux cable.


Does your audio amplifier have a different digital output than your audio source?

A COAX to TOS converter can solve that problem


You can use the Vogel's SAVA 1031 to face these challenges and convert from optical to coaxial audio signal or vice versa. This all-rounder is suitable for the most common 2 to 5.1 channel digital audio signals.

The SAVA 1031 not only connects your audio optical connection to a coaxial connection, but also amplifies the digital audio signal. This allows you to extend the cable length without losing any of the quality.

Two-way conversion for a strong audio signal

Convert a digital optical audio signal to digital coaxial and vice versa. The ideal solution for when your audio source has a different digital audio output than your audio amplifier, for example.

I have one of the following Sonos speakers (Sonos ONE / PLAY:1 / PLAY:3). What should I do?

You may have already noticed that these speakers are not equipped with a 3.5 mm line input (AUX). In other words, there is no option available to directly connect your record player (preamp) to your Sonos system. The speakers are able to play the digitised sound from your vinyl but you will need to make use of a Sonos CONNECT or CONNECT:AMP. This additional equipment set-up enables you to connect various speakers wirelessly.

Vogel's speaker mounts for Sonos

I don't have Sonos speakers but I want to connect my record player to my amplifier/receiver

A preamp is used to amplify the signal from your record player (record players have a weaker output signal than other devices). If your amplifier is equipped with a preamp, then in most cases, you will have a separate 'phono' input. Newer amplifiers and receivers often have an AUX input instead of a phono input. In such cases, you can use a separate preamp.

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