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6 reasons you’ll love Vogel’s

When you buy our product, you want it to work right and last long. And a Vogel’s will. Because our products are designed and built to be as reliable as they are useful.

1. Quality guaranteed

A Vogel’s is designed for a long, useful life. Most of our products are backed by our  lifetime guarantee.  Our designers and engineers make sure each wall mount is built to their exacting standards. From start to finish. In every detail. 

2. Practical, simple, hassle-free

Pre-assembled products. Mounting materials, step-by-step instructions and an installation video. We make our products easy and fast to install.

3. It keeps things safe

Safety is built right in. We use only the best quality materials. All mounts are tested to carry at least three times their specified weight. When you use a Vogel’s, you can be sure that your precious home, possessions and loved ones are safe. 

4. Helping to find the perfect solution

So many TVs, so many different needs. Which wall mount to choose?  We help you choose the perfect solution. That’s exactly right for you. 

5. Fits your TV and other equipment

If you're a first time wall mount buyer, you might be worried about buying the wrong solution. We offer TV wall mounts for almost any TV. So you can be sure that our product will fit your TV. Did you buy an OLED television for instance? We do have specific  to match these OLED screens.

6. Blends in with your interior design

Your home is your castle. For this reason, our designers do their utmost to design products which blend in with your décor and your carefully selected TV. We are also proud that we won numerous  prestigious design awards  over the years.