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Elegance and flexibility in one TV wall mount

Vogel’s DesignMount is designed to endure. It has a clean bold look with graceful lines that creates a unique setting for a TV.

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  • A unique mount shaped by 40 years of experience

    Vogel’s DesignMount is a turning point for wall mount design that brings a fresh new look to the market.

  • Turn your TV into a design classic

    The robust frame of the TV wall mount is designed to support TVs ranging from 40” to 65” (102 -165 cm), weighing up to 30 kg.

  • One beautiful system

    Designed so your TV seems to float in the air, with no cables in sight. They are neatly concealed and connected to a media player or speaker system at any height needed.

    The sturdy, tempered black glass of the AV Multi Support offers room for Blu-ray players, a gaming console or other equipment. You stack several supports on the Column to create the perfect media centre for your needs. A Sound Bar extension can be neatly added to enhance your listening experience.

  • The perfect entertainment system

    Beautiful entertainment starts with Vogel’s DesignMount and continues with Vogel’s Cable Column, AV Multi Support or Universal Sound Bar Mount.

    This entire system goes together to create a unique focal point on the wall that looks great and works fantastic.

  • A perfect view
    perfectly presented

    Clean, sleek, sophisticated. Vogel’s DesignMount fits seamlessly in today’s minimalist decors. A beautiful way to enrich your entertainment experience.

  • The finishing touch for every style

    Bold and colourful. Light and peaceful. Whatever style you love, Vogel’s DesignMount blends in naturally. Its classic timeless design creates the perfect backdrop for your entertainment system.

  • Your TV blends seamlessly into the background

    The perfect accent to create the feeling of endless space. Vogel’s DesignMount provides a subtle element without overpowering the rest of your décor.

  • A robust form that holds its own

    Vogel’s DesignMount has clean lines and a solid shape that enhances interiors with sturdy furniture and a warm colour palette.

“We hope you’ll love using the DesignMount as much as we loved creating it”

Gerdi Vogels - CEO Vogel’s

“Just like other classics, Vogel’s DesignMount is designed to endure”

Daniël Flach - Product Designer Vogel’s

“When we created this mount, we put a great bit of Vogel’s legacy in it”

Stefan Luijben - Lead Designer Vogel’s
Trends & Concept
Realisation & Design
The final result

See how smoothly it moves for yourself

It glides effortlessly away from the wall, tilts 20 degrees, and can turn up to 120 degrees.

EXTEND UP TO 72 cm (28.3 inches)

Let’s take a closer look

Quality is what it’s all about. We paid special attention to every detail in order to create a wall mount which looks and feels luxurious. One look and you will always recognize it. One touch and you will love how easily it moves.

Smart Movement Mechanism

This patented feature lets you move your TV screen with the touch of your fingertip.


The lining of the framework is a never before seen detailed composition

Hide your cables

Create a clean sleek look by concealing cables from sight.

Materials matter

DesignMount looks and feels more luxurious than anything else available.


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DesignMount TV Wall Mount (NEXT 7345)

Go to one of our local dealers to try out Vogel’s DesignMount for yourself. It’s the best way to experience it for real.

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