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Why you need a monitor desk mount

The standard feet supplied with most monitors are just that - standard. They usually allow a very limited range of movement, which will not let you adjust your monitor to special positions or avoid reflected light. They can also force you to sit in an awkward position which can cause health problems down the road. A Vogel’s dedicated monitor desk mount is the answer. It helps you create a more comfortable and professional working environment.

Three key advantages:

Better ergonomics

Standard monitor stands can rarely be set to the correct viewing height. That is something you need when you spend hours sitting behind your monitor screen. Vogel’s desk mounts can be set to the perfect viewing height for you. To make your work more comfortable and prevent health problems like work related musculoskeletal disorders.

More free desk space

Standard monitor stands are bulky to support a monitor and that takes up a lot of desk space. A Vogel’s desk mount has a special movable arm which uses very little desk space and leaves you more room to do your work.

Extra flexibility

Standard monitor stands are very inflexible. The flexible arm on the Vogel’s desk mount bends and turns every direction you like so you can easily change your viewing angle. Turn your monitor so more people can look at it or to reduce glare.

Durable quality and stylish design

Vogel’s desk mounts are designed for intensive professional use. Features like adjustable bearings, three point cable management and the special Flexmount™ provide outstanding performance and longlasting quality. Their stylish design fits any decor or type of desk.

Flexmount™ – 6 mounting solutions in 1 mount

The Flexmount lets you install the desk mounts in 6 different ways. So you can be sure that the Vogel’s desk mount will fit just about every desk set-up without having to buy additional accessories. The Flexmount is included in the PFD 8522, 8523, 8541 and 8543.


PFD 8522 & PFD 8523

Both models offer everything you need to position your monitor. Set the height and move and rotate the monitor with the touch of a finger. Model PFD 8522 is equipped with 2 pivot points. PFD 8523 offers maximum flexibility and range of motion with 2 arms and 3 pivot points.

Product information

PFD 8522 Monitor desk mount
PFD 8523 Monitor desk mount

PFD 8541 & PFD 8543 - Make your monitor float

For areas where a lot of different people work with the same monitor, like reception desks or flex work stations, our floating models are the perfect solution. The adjustable gas spring makes the monitor weightless, so you can easily pull your monitor up and down to the right height.The PFD 8541 and PFD 8543 models are each designed to support monitors in different weight classes.

Product information

PFD 8541 Monitor desk mount
PFD 8543 Monitor desk mount

Dual monitor adapter

More and more people are using two monitors simultaneously. This is made easy with the PFA 9102. The two monitors will be perfectly aligned next to each other and move as one monitor.
PFA 9102 is also suitable for mounting two monitors vertically above and below each other. This mount supports up to 6 kg for each monitor. PFA 9102 fits the PFD 8522, 8523, 8541 and 8543.


Product information

PFA 9102 Dual monitor adapter

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