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Mount your Philips TV on your wall with a TV bracket

You just brought home a beautiful new Philips TV, but you’re not quite sure where to put it yet, or how to mount it. Your TV is languishing in its box or temporarily standing on a shelf or TV cabinet. Hesitate no longer: mount your Philips TV on your wall with a Vogel’s TV wall bracket.


Why mount your TV on a wall with a Vogel’s TV wall bracket:


viewing angle for philips TVThe best viewing angle for your Philips TV

Enjoy optimal viewing pleasure by always being able to angle your TV to the best viewing angle: aimed right at you. This way, you get the most out of your Philips TV. Several Vogel’s TV wall brackets swivel, allowing you to get the best viewing angle from anywhere in the room. 




optimal viewing height for a Philips TVOptimal viewing height

Front-row cinema seats are uncomfortable because the screen is so far up. Getting a stiff neck from all that craning can really take away from your enjoyment. At home, using a Vogel’s TV wall bracket means you get to pick the best, most comfortable height to install your Philips TV. Forget about TV cabinets or TV stands that are too high or too low, and enjoy a comfortable viewing experience. The best height to mount your Philips TV is 10 cm above eye level when seated – and a Vogel’s TV wall bracket makes it easy to do so.



Save space with a TV wall bracketSaves space with a TV wall bracket

Mounting your Philips TV on the wall with a Vogel’s wall bracket means you can eliminate your TV cabinet, and enjoy the extra space.




easy installationEasy to install

We make it as easy as possible to mount your Philips TV to the wall. Vogel’s TV wall brackets are mostly pre-assembled, and include mounting materials such as screws and Fischer® wall plugs. Clear, step-by-step installation manuals make it easy to follow the procedure, and if you want a more visual explanation you can watch our installation videos online. For some TV brackets even a drilling template is included.



safe - tv wall mountSecure mounting

We all know that accidents can happen when you least expect them. Boisterous children playing catch indoors. Guests trying to squeeze past someone. Pets reacting to the movement on the screen. A TV that’s standing on a horizontal surface may easily topple over. By mounting your Philips TV safely on a wall bracket, you can stop worrying about what might happen if it fell over or fell down.




sleekSleek and out of the way

Our TV wall brackets will mount your Philips TV very close to the wall, for a sleek appearance. Enjoy your TV as wall art.




lifetime guarantee vogel'sLifelong guarantee

You’re looking for a TV bracket that can stand the test of time, and our promise to you is that it will – for most of our products, our robust construction and stringent quality certification is backed by a lifelong guarantee.  A Vogel’s product is future-proof.






Which Vogel’s TV wall bracket do I need for my Philips TV?

Use this simple tool to quickly and easily select the Vogel’s wall mounts that fit your Philips TV.

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