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Motorized TV Wall mount in livingroom with couple on the couch | Vogel's

Motorised TV mounts

A motorized TV wall mount with automatic movement

The way we watch TV has changed dramatically over the years. We have seen the TV being augmented by mobile devices, allowing you to watch films, series and other video content regardless of location and time.

We understand that now, more than ever before, you expect the exceptional in the moments you are still able to watch TV. And we have created the perfect solution. Available in black or white.

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Innovation & high-end design: MotionMount

This Motorized TV wall mount offers you high-end design and ultimate ease of use. Simply switch on your TV and this motorized TV mount automatically turns towards you. Up to 120 degrees.

Use your voice (Siri Voice Control, based on Siri shortcuts) to move your screen. Also with the handy app or traditional remote control, you can control the bracket from the comfort of your chair. Turn the TV to the left, right, forwards or backwards with the greatest of ease.

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Optimized for your OLED / QLED TV

Would you rather not touch your fragile OLED or QLED screen? Then our SIGNATURE motorized wall mount TVM 7675 is the ultimate solution.
You can easily turn the screen to the desired position using your voice or app.

This motorized TV mount is designed to fit perfectly on the back of an OLED / QLED screen including concealing the cables at the back of the TV.

With this advanced Vogel's wall mount your luxury TV is at its best.

3 Advantages of motorized TV Wall Mounts

1. Turns automatic with your TV

Motorized TV Wall Mount motor unit  | Vogel's

TVs should adapt to you, not the other way round. After the TV is turned on, the Vogel's MotionMount moves to the last viewing position selected in one smooth motion. And when the TV is turned off, it gently returns to the wall.

2. Control your TV any way you want

Appl Control of Motorised TV wall bracket | Vogel's

Control your TV movement by using Siri Voice Control (based on Siri shortcuts). Or use our own developed app or remote control for additional functionality and control.

However you want control this TV wall mount, the choice is yours.

3. Keep your TV from damaging

Electronic Screen Protection System  prevents TV bumping into the wall  | Vogel's

Our Vogel's Electronic Screen Protection System (ESPS) prevents your large TV from hitting the wall.

With 7 programmable presets any TV angle can be set to make sure it never touches the wall or damages.

Hidden technique

Take a look inside the MotionMount motorized TV wall mount
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Vogel's in house developed motor unit
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Cable connections neatly concealed in wall plate


For more information reagarding the Motorised TV Wall Mount or a manual operated TV wall mount from the Vogel's SIGNATURE Series, check it here.

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