Control your smart home

through your tablet

Home Control

More and more is becoming possible in the field of Home Control, which is also known as the 'Smart Home'. You can already control your lighting, heating system and alarm system through an app on your smartphone or tablet. 

Connecting your devices to the internet (via WiFi or Ethernet) allows you to control them remotely, from wherever you find yourself!  

Various options are available to make your home smarter:

Smart thermostat

In addition to offering remote control capability, a smart thermostat is also able to learn your habits and fine tune your energy consumption accordingly, making it easy to save energy! Some smart thermostats are equipped with a motion detector that switches off your heating system when you are no longer in the room.

Smart thermostat

Smart plugs

Smart plugs can be inserted into existing sockets to turn any device in the home into a 'smart' device. This means that you can control your lamps remotely via an app, for example, or turn your coffee machine on or off. Some smart plugs also measure the energy consumption of the device to which it is connected. 

smart plugs

Smart lighting

By replacing your current bulbs with smart bulbs, you can change the atmosphere of your home in an instant. An app not only allows you to adjust the brightness of the light but you can also select the colour. Smart bulbs can be inserted into existing light fittings.  

smart lightning
Using tablet at home

Devices such as smoke alarms, alarm systems and vacuum cleaners are also available as smart models. All of these devices use a platform through which they are connected to each other. No standard platform has yet been agreed upon and different manufacturers each use their own proprietary platforms. 

When purchasing Home Control products, you should always check with which platform they are compatible. Frequently used platforms include: Apple Homekit, Nest and IFTTT (If This, Then That). Once you have chosen a specific brand or platform, it is a good idea to continue using that platform. 

Tablet in the kitchen

With all of the smart equipment you can operate via an app, your smartphone or tablet will become indispensable. To make sure you never have to spend time searching for your tablet, a tablet holder  may come in useful. That way, your tablet is always within reach and you can operate your apps with ease. Would you like several tablet mounting points in your home? Expanding is a piece of cake!