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TD2064 Trolley, double pole 200 cm, 600 x 400 Silver

This trolley is suitable for displays of 65" and up. Max weight load 80 kg.

TD2064 silver consists of:

PFT 8530 Trolley frame extra large, silver

2 x PUC 2720 Pole 200cm, silver

PFB 3407 Interface bar, silver

PFS 3304 Interface display strips

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Technische Daten

Lochmuster (mm) Min. 100x100 / Max. 600x400
Neigen 20°
Farbe Silber
Garantie 5 Jahre
Höhenverstellbar Ja
Höhe (mm) 2016
Max. Höhe 1919
Artikelnummer 7953084
Räder Ja
Beweglich Ja